Brightest Flashlights 2017! (Top 5 Best)

Hi all,
It’s a good day to be flashaholic!

Let us know what your favorite superlight is :slight_smile:

No DX80 eh?

First thing that came to my mind. DX80 is number one.

I think he is only talking about pop can lights in this video, he specifically mentioned about the X45 “even though it’s not technically a pop can light, but I am saying it is” or something to that affect.

Aha. Also written at bottom of first post is what your favourite super light is; so there is also subjectivity involved. My favourite pop can super light of 2017 is clearly the Astrolux MF01 219C. :smiley:

Mine is the Q80, I have the older version of the TN26 as well, so those 2 have me covered for pop can lights, sold my MM15vn, didn’t need 3 lol…

Awesome vid great set up to keep away night away and blind Santa lol.

well done! One of your best in my opinion.

edit: hey, just noticed you called the no.1 and no. 2 lights by the same name :wink:

Best superlight for me for 2017 is the X65. If anything else puts more light out at 400 meters, please let me know. Lots of others put out more light much closer, and still others put out a narrow beam further out. The X65 is my quarter-mile blaster.