Brightest soda can style under $150?

I would like a new flashlight. My current brightest light is a D4S which has performed brilliantly, and will always be the light I grab when needed, but I’d like something with a huge wow factor, something incredibly bright & very floody which has lead me to look at the soda can style flashlights, preferably 21700*3 because I already own a set of P42As.

Initially I considered an MF01X, but several people have complained about the switch & overall build quality, so now I’m considering the Q8 Plus.

Both of these lights have incredibly high initial outputs but they drop very quickly - I don’t really mind this, but if there is a flashlight out there that could sustain decent figures for at least a minute or two, I’d like to know about it as it would increase the practical use of the light, rather than just being incredibly bright for a few seconds…


Maybe Convoy 3X21B ?

The Convoy’s are far from the brightest, but they’ll hold a higher output due to not having proper thermal management, the light won’t reduce lower than High. This is a massive problem and sees temps exceed 100°C without a fan on runtime tests

+1 Excellent light.

Astrolux EC06 also knows as Sofirn Q8 Plus. 6-XHP50.2 16000lm lumen in 6500K or 5000K. Absolutely perfect for the slightly fat P42As. Several reviews claim 22,000-24,000 lumens measured at turbo. I love mine and a few spots on BLF have coupons listed.

The Acebeam X50 is another option. With it using 8 XHP70.2 it certainly is making use of its volume. Acebeam claims 40000lm for over 1.5 hours. It is quite spendy though… >$300. USB-C recharging might be another downside if you want to stick with the 21700s

The Acebeam X50 is NOT another option for <$150, but thanks for chiming in, and welcome to BLF.

Ha! Yes, it would help if I read through his title!

Important question - what range are you ideally after as good usable lighting, not just faintly making out an object? Keep in mind that you should always halve the range spec, so that’s 320m for the Sofirn Q8 Plus from my measurement at the 15 second mark.

Maybe a narrower beam with more throw would help see further at lower output. The Wurkkos TS32 is really nice, it has an SFT40 in the center and the choice of 519A, XPL2, and LH351D for the flood

Based on my personal visual experience, the brightest soda can lights — all under US$150 — which I have, are lined up from left to right:

Hakelite HK05, Lumintop Thor Pro, Wurkkos TS32, Astrolux EC06. and Convoy 3x21A.

Hakelite HK05 advertises up to 30,000 lumens is my latest purchase from Banggood, for about US$83 without battery.

Convoy 3/21A has 90.2 LED; it is more a thrower, not a flood light.

The upcomiong 11/11 Sale will be a good occasion to buy big pieces of powerful lights.

Your TS32 bezel doesn’t look tight. Wurkkos had a major issue with loose bezels that weren’t tightened all the way causing the flood LEDs to be making little to no contact with the shelf for heat transfer. Press the bezel onto a wooden board or something, press down hard and twist.

Wurkkos are currently updating it with 2 extra screws to stop this happening after I reported both review units had this problem.

Thanks Funtastic for your advice.

You have sharp eyes. Indeed I unscrewed all the big flashlights in which I have put battery cells, just to prevent accidental activiation while I am not around.

My correction: The Lumintop Thor Pro is actually more expensive than US$150. :money_mouth_face:

Sharp eyes indeed but Funtastic is talking about the bezel, the grey ring that holds the lens in, not the head which connects to the battery tube.

The bezel presses against the lens, which presses against the optic, which presses against the LED MCPCB and pushes it against the shelf for good heat transfer.
Funtastic is saying that the bezel is not screwed in properly, which means the LED MCPCB isn’t pressing against the shelf properly which can cause heat problems for the LEDs.

Thank you for clarifying.

My video report to Wurkkos should make it extra clear

Lumintop GT3 is decent.

I’m testing the Amutorch DM80. So far I really like it! Has a battery carrier for 3S, high power buck driver, and a simple UI. Also testing the TS32 and it’s really good. Fast step down on Turbo for the flood leds though.

I feel like the flood LEDs should have been regulated instead of just the spot LED. The flood is more what I’ll use the most, then here and there use the spot beam.

I’m a big fan of MF01S; compact, good looking shape, decent, very well balanced output (throw/flood ratio), cool aux lights, choice of different colour temperatures and if you keep an eye out for it, you might get it very cheap (I bought a second one for my parents in law for 56$).
I just wish it had USB charging.

Uhhh no flashlight on the planet can sustain 40000 lumens for that long…

Also if you also consider 18650’s an Emisar D18 is a solid contender for a well built soda can light.