Brinkmann Legend LX - Help me Bring it Back

Okay, so, I did a post some time back on CPF about my old Brinkmann Legend which I've since given to dad since he always liked the smooth, evened-out beam. At 70 lumens, I remember only NOT choosing it as my EDC light over the Brinkmann Maxfire patrolling the retirement home way back when due to its lack of throw. But it's a great light.

Anywho, dad loves it, but we've since then given up on it because dad HATES CR123s due to their price. RCR123s are also out due to being too high of voltage for the bulb, which makes this light useless.

Is there a lithium battery or batteries that can make this thing sing again or must it be modded? It's going to be sold or modded, one or the two. I need to find a way to get the bulb housing loose if I mod, but I have no idea what tool to use. It's one of those double tiny allen wrench tools, it seems.

Help? Suggestions?

Nada? :(

LiFePO4 RCR123's? They charge up to 3.6V but if you let them rest for few hours they drop to 3.3 - 3.4V, and as soon as you turn flashlight on they drop to 3.2V, maintaining fairly flat discharge to 3V (almost no useable capacity remaining after 3V has been reached).

There are 3V regharge-able 16340 cells. I have heard about others using these in their Fenix and Surefire (non-4.2V) lights. I havent looked into it myself much so I am not sure if there are better quality 3V cells than these.

So using these won't overshoot 6volts? Because my tenergys say 3.0 volts, but I get 4.2 from them when I test them.

Thats the kind of details I am not sure about (peek voltage off the charger and use with incans). I'll let others reply on that one.

CR123s can be had for less.