Brinyte B158 mod thread

Yeah, it’s not ideal that the tailcap can come unscrewed during focusing.

TBH, if I was really worried out it, I’d tape the tailcap up before a night’s hunting so that couldn’t happen.

My samples have come direct from Brinyte, FYI.

Does anyone else think the driver floating around inside the pill is a big issue, apart from heat buildup?

I do, but it doesn’t sound like all of them are put together that way, only those of us who got white ones from fasttech have seen the 2 board setup(I think, unless you got a white one from Brinyte that way). We’ll have to see how the ones from gearbest come, it appears the colored ones will not have floaters.

What other issues do you foresee?

I really don’t get why they would built lights like this with floating drivers - they’ve made those nice, heavy brass pills and then throw away the heatsinking aspect of it by having the driver floating inside in thin air.

AND it overcomplicates the assembly process. :*

Not wanting to pull my pills to bits, I probed down through the LED wire holes on the green XP-E and XM-L units and it does seem that the XP-E has a single board while the XM-L has the contact board and separate driver floating in the pill.

Maybe. I don’t have that problem now that I’ve modded mine. I feel like most people who have got in on this group buy purchased the red light, with the intention of modding it- so it won’t be a problem. And yes, the XP-E does have a single board, unless there’s a different revision floating around. My video confirms this.

Maybe a piece of inner tube stretched over the tube and tail cap?

Yeah that might work.

For those interested, a 30mm scope ring will neatly fit the neck section of the B158 if you need a higher mount. There is ample clearance here on a 40mm scope with AO. And of course there are higher mounts than this out there. This is just a DX cheapie and they work fine for mounting lights. :slight_smile:

That’s a Brinyte S28 tailcap with pressure switch by the way, and it works. (I don’t use pressure switches, it’s just a ’speriment) :slight_smile:

Thanks blitzwing. If its no trouble could you post up a couple of links.


The mount used above:

The 25mm rail adaptor that is on the scope - this is a 25mm / 1” one but they have 30mm also.

I got my pressure switch with a batch of Brinyte S28’s, I see they are listed on Aliexpress for a somewhat steep price….

Thanks blitzwing. Now for some lights.

I’m wondering how a red SST-90 might go in one of these. :smiley:

The XP-E on full focus is TIGHT, if you lose an inbound fox it’s almost like searching with a laser beam trying to pick it up again…. :wink:

New results with a 6x7135 Q.lite driving a red XP-E2, and an XQE at around 3A coming soon.

I give a guess 230kcd for XP-E2 :)

I received the B158 +two extra pills yesterday and did KKW's mod tonight with the dedomed XP-G2 S4 2B. As driver I used an AK-47C1 (set to a simple 10%-100% because of the forward clicky, there's no memory and low is always first in this driver) with the 7135's replaced by one FET. Tailspring and driver spring were bypassed with 20AWG silicone wire, ledwires are 20AWG, ledboard was soldered to the pill.

I still have to do cosmetic stuff for the beam (blackening everything around the led) but of course the first thing to do was measuring the throw. Measured at 7.00 meter distance, with a VTC5 at 4.20V. 30 seconds after switch-on, I measured 322 kcd. :party: With a 30Q at 4.16V I measured 316 kcd. The output isn't at all plummeting down btw, it is a nice stable mod :-)

I have not measured the current yet, probably between 4 and 5A? For good focus, I had to unscrew the head a bit for extra lens distance from the led, because of the ticker Noctigon and dedomed led, while the dimensions of the flashlight are made for a thinner board and a domed led.

I'm super-glad that we managed to get the brass ring with the pill, even with my 25W iron I could solder the driver to the ring, and then the ring was easily pressed into the pil with a vice (one side first, then the opposite site, you get what I mean), I did not fully press it in, so that I may get it out again one day.

Thanks mhanlen for getting the group buy for this light plus the extra's done! I will love this light!

Wow 300kcd. Can’t wait for my b158 to arrive. I will also put in my xpg2 s4 2b but not dedomed yet, what kcd should i expect with domed s4 2b? Also about the tint of s4 2b when dedomed does it have greenish tint? Can you post you beamshot, djozz?

With dome I guess about 190 kcd? The tint is not bad at all, now you mention it, no annoyingly green tint, even not too yellow :-) . Here's your beamshot, from my balcony, the traffic sign in the middle of the little park is at 90 meter (100yrds), the brightness I have adjusted to about what I see in reality.

Very impressive. Still waiting on three empty pills from gearbest.

Finally placed a parts order to fill a couple of these empty pills I’ve got here. First is getting an XP-G2 S4 2B on noctigon, which will be de-domed. Next one gets an XP-L HI V2 3C on noctigon. Both will be driven by Mtn FET+1 drivers. That still leaves me two pills to fill with something else later. Pretty excited to see this light come to life with these stronger pills.

I just finished 3 different setups.

1. Another dedomed XP-G2 S4 2B with a MTN-DD driver. Jumpers on springs, fresh 30Q. 341kcd

2. Red XP-E2 on 16mm Noctigon, dome on, 6x7135 Q.lite driver, jumpers on springs, fresh 30Q. 90kcd

3. Dedomed XQE on 8x7135 Q.lite driver, jumpers on springs, fresh 30Q. 157kcd

I haven’t tried a dedomed XP-L or XML2 yet, but I’m sure it’s going to happen. Until then XP-G2 S4 2B for the win. Great neutral tint, even hotspot, really perfect pocket thrower.

Guys those are really impressive numbers... It seems that plastic acrylic lenses passes out more light than glass lenses of uniquefire flashlights.

So average 320kcd of B158 is about 25% better than average UF 1503(250 kcd) flashlight.

Crazy light indeed.

This should be school for other manufacturers to start producing more quality acrylic lenses.

Edit: I hope you guys did not give up in modding remote switches to give full power with fet drivers and white leds.


Could I kindly ask you something?

Could you please try B158 lenses in your Uniquefire 50mm aspheric(the one you saw up to shorten the tube, and then aa-d :) , in fact you made 1503 prototype ) ?

Maybe they are interchangeable?

I would try but I am still waiting B158.