Brinyte B168 - baby brother of the B158

This is the smaller sibling to the B158 and uses the same interchangeable pills.

Brinyte kindly sent me one to look at, with some B158’s I got.

It’s not really that small or lightweight as it has a fair bit of metal in it, especially around the head and has a battery tube that’s quite thick and the same switch as the B168.

Fit and finish is just as good as the B158 and it’s sealed against water just the same. :slight_smile:

With the B158, focused.

Flood mode.

Without the bezels so you can see the respective lens sizes.

B158 head.


B158 top, then B168.

B168, flood mode. shed is about 30 feet away.


B168, focus.

B168. The intensity kind of whites out the image of the LED die at that range.

B168, red.


So, essentially and as we’d expect, the B168 does much what the B158 does but sacrifices some range and flooding power due to the much smaller lens. The B168 is on the larger and heavier ends of the spectrum for a pocket EDC / tactical carry light IMO and a bit less metal around the head and bezel might have alleviated these things.

That said, I quite like the feel and heft of it as well as the focus mechanism and will be using it around the house and may even rifle mount it for some fun - on a shorter range rifle like a .22 it will work fine.

If my empty pills ever arrive from Gearbest I’ll be plonking an XP-G2 in it to see what happens. :slight_smile:

nice, looks pretty solid and seems to be half an inch shorter than the B158?

Yeah that’s about right.

I had been procratinating on ordering a couple of the B158s. After your review, I ordered a white and green with spare pills and a B168. Paid for the expedited shipping and insurance too.

I made a pill for mine with an old XR-E over a 2.1A driver and it gives it a bit more throw on focus. :slight_smile: