Brinyte C5 (2.8A) vs Ultrafire UF-980L

Can anyone compare these two?

Brinyte C5 (2.8A) vs Ultrafire UF-980L

I'd like some beamshots, impressions, etc.

C5 is significantly cheaper, and from what I read it should be quite close to 980L in terms of power/throw.

Any info would be appreciated.


For reference:

Review: Brinyte XML-C5 CREE XM-L T6

Review: Ultra Fire UF-980L

980L clearly started much more hype and lifted much more dust, but C5 can be ordered with 2.8A driver directly from Wendy, so I'm wondering how well they perform head to head.

Perhaps Brinyte D8 should be added to comparison, yes please. It's supposedly a newer version of C5.

Of course, for all 3 I'm asking about XM-L versions.