Brinyte changing brand name to ORCATORCH

As of 17 Feb 2014 Brinyte it seems is officially changing their name to Orcatorch and the new packaging with "ORCATORCH" logo will be available then. (new site)

here's an excerpt I took from their official letter:

We decide to use ORCATORCH instead of Brinyte for our own brand product line for couple of reasons...

The Brinyte OEM image does not conform to that of the high-end LED flashlight we want to create for our own brand products line.

Edit: There's been a correction. Brinyte will still be around as well as OrcaTorch. (see Post 10)

i kinda like the Brinyte name more!

…a rose by any other name is still a chrysanthemum. Or something like that.

but having a Ur anus fire on a flashlight or just simply Ultrafire, I think I will go with ultrafire ;)

Uranusfire is an awesome name IMO. Id buy one even if it was crap, just for the name. I wouldnt spend a lot on it, but if it was under $10, and worked, Id buy it.

How about SOBRITE? :beer:

Yeah I agree. The name change is unfortunate because it was a good name.

This is what I've gathered from Brinyte's full letter and from some people's perception of them...

There was a Brinyte light review on CPF. It was an excellent review of the ED30. It was very well done and probably took a lot of time. But one of the comments over there was...

"on the budget oriented forums Brinyte (or Brynite wtf cares) is a well-known brand for years. and this model really looks like a budget light model. i don't know how much efforts and time was spent on putting together this review but to me these budget samples would not have been worth it. heck i didn't even read the review because i thought the samples are not worth it lma" (post)

And so I think Brinyte wants to make another name for themselves. One of high reputation in the flashaholic community.

So because of all this I think they (as ORCATORCH) are going to raise their prices. < That's just my thinking though.

I've come to really like their dive lights. For my technical diving needs they always performed. All their lights I reviewed I bought. And I was never given a single one, but still rated them very high. To me they were the best deal out.

Where is a good place to buy Brinyte? My mother inlaw is after something for her car, AA, and I like the look of the ed30 for her. Id espe4cially like to get one before the price hike on the new name,and the old ones are gone. They sound like a decent Chinese light.

Brinyte ED30 Seems harder to find then I thought. And more $$ Buy: DHgate, Ali there are a lot other less expensive AA lights - but non-dive lights are not my specialty.

I could be wrong about the price hike too. I was just guessing. Maybe the Brinyte name will stay on some products. And others they consider "higher end" will have the ORCATORCH name? Just not sure at this point.

Youre not wrong about them being a tad difficult to find, I did look around and search before posting that. It was actually your review of the DIv ‘?X?’ light that made me take notice of the brand. Then the link to the comment on the review of that ed30. The review sounded good too. They are pricey though considering their m15 is around $15. Im also looking at I think he Div05 as a pressie for a mate who dives. No night dives or caving, but he does do some fossicking with a coil and occasional fishing during daylight hours. He use s a plastic one now. I went with the Div05 as it runs a single Li ion so no issues of unbalanced batteries underwater. I think it might be able to run on 3 c cells too with a tube. At least one of the Div series can run 3 C’s.

I've been corrected from OrcaTorch, which is good. Here's what they said...

they should named it PANDATORCH

New user and would like a few opinions on the orcatorch es10 as a edc?
Searched here and this is the only thread that came up……probably not good right……lol

Never had an ES, but I have had several Brinyte ED10, and they are fine. Can run 16340 or lithium primary CR123. I would expect them to be OK as Brinyte seem to make a reasonable product. I also have some ED30s too. These are 2xAA, or a single 14500, extension tube is included along with a little thin leather(ish maybe) holster. Direct from Brinyte these are under $30. Both ED versions are tailclicky lights.

Here is DenBarrettSAR’s review

Brinyte ES10

I have had the opportunity to do a a Review on the Brinyte ES10 sent to me by Mia from Aurabuy. ( Review: - Brinyte ES10 )
i like the quality & build of the light, i have used it as a EDC for a couple months during testing.



Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!

eww, you guys made me google image search “orca crotch”