Brinyte PD08 HA-III Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode (looks interesting)

Brinyte PD08 HA-III Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode:

From what I read, Brinyte produces good quality lights, and this looks great for a bigger EDC with adequate brightness, probably good runtime (has medium and low) and is HAIII.

What do you think? Anyone has it?

Rivals are:

UltraFire P10-R5 -

UltraFire A10B -

TrustFire TR-801 -

EDI-T P4 Cree Q3 (FTT) -

Hi there Aleister,

It is an attractive design. You have good taste, both that one and the other options you listed all look very good to me. However, I think the Brinyte is a bit expensive for the older emitter it uses. For an older emitter and a much better price, I would probably go with the EDI-T. Or for a nice XP-G model for a decent price, I'd probably pick the Ultrafire P10.

That's just my $0.02.

Hello sb56637,

I thought that Q5 was new-ish, bright and efficient and had it at the top of my list (R2 too) for small (14500/16340) flashlights (or these 18650 "EDC"). I guess it is not the case.

Time to learn something I think :) Which are the top emmiters - today - for small flashlights (not high amp, low heat, up to 350 lumens, good runtime)?

I'd avoid the Ultrafire A10B. I was not impressed with the one I got though its current owner seems to be happy with it. I don't own any Brinyte lights so couldn't comment about them. Of those, my personal choice would be the Ultrafire P10 as it has the most recent, and efficient, emitter. I actually have it on my DX wish list.

The Trustfire TR-801 looks good to me, it looks a lot like the Romisen RC-F4 but enough bigger to hold an 18650. The Romisen RC-F4 is an excellent light.

Hi there Aleister,

Basically The Q5 is still fairly current, as you said, but the "Q" or "R" isn't the only measure of a good modern LED. While the "Q" or "R" is a measure of efficiency, the design of the LED die is another thing to look for. In a modern high-value budget light for anywhere close to either side of $20, you'll probably want to look for an XP-G type LED. Usually the XP-G type LED is rated as R5.

There's a really informative post here:

this is a list of what's generally available out there.

It does miss out the interesting but probably now outdated Luxeon TFFC K2 LEDs

So am I! I'd even say it's one of the best flashlight deals at DX. It's compact, well made (at least mine), has 3 nicely levelled modes without pwm flicker (plus a very nasty strobe and, sigh, sos) and is on the bright side.

mode memory?

Thank you sb and Don, very informative info and links.

I can't seem to find other, than p10, 18650 compact lights with XPG/XRG/R5, so from what I understand, over $20 is overpriced for the available options. So I will try to overlook the "handsomeness" of Brinyte (sb, you are right, I like pretty-design lights ) and go for something else for compact 18650. Or take the Brinyte and then review it

There's not such thing as "overpriced" if the quality of the light is high. Most of the better lights for value I'd recommend are about $20.

What's not apparent from just the dx photos is that the cree emitter in these things are not all that varied in price.

An xp-e costs about $2 apiece in 1000's reel quantities, almost regardless of bin.

An xp-g cost $3-4

An xr-e is about $2.50-4 and probably varies the most by bin/tint.

(before you get too excited, a $2 part in a $20 dx light is considered a huge component cost. it cost dx maybe $5-10 dollars just to ship it to you)

The other dirty secret is that many of these chinese factories buy crap bin/tint parts to save literally maybe a dollar per light. So basically you get a crap light because they think they'll get a lot more sales by charging $1 less and have absolutely no concept of retaining customers. They probably could've saved the same sum by going to a quality xp-e given the generally lower cost, but by all estimates they seem not to be the sharpest tools in the shed when running a business in the long term.

I agree agenthex, a flashlight is not only the emitter (or the driver or the body), it's the result that is created by all of them.

That's why I am giving very high importance to all of your opinions and reviews.

I am thinking one of these days to order a p60 "collection" of great bodies with so-so dropins and so-so bodies with great dropins to mix and match (more on that later) and I also thought to include a good-looking EDC 18650 or two. So, I think I have a vote for each of them except the Brinyte (which I like most). Thinking... thinking...

How do you define a crap bin/tint?

Super white 8000K or sometimes, super warm 3000K's. Also "Q5" or "R2"'s, or "R5" xp-g's that are anything but.

This one looks the same as Brinyte with R5, 3 mode and some more minor differences:

Possible CPF Discount for it:

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There are loftier goals in life i agree but when it comes to making a product it's all math and materials ..Sadly the ones calling the shots are unethical and very hungry ..There simply needs to be new management .. The buyer can influance the manufactuer even if it is thru limited runs and education .These guys will revert back 10 minutes later to shoving a hot poker back into your backside BUT it's obvious that they have enough rescources and this isn't real rocket science either .. The answer may lie in having multiple companies making each just one part and assembling the product somewhere else ....Like the I-phone ..Then no one will steal your design,because they can't do it easily .

The sad part is manufactuers and dealers see a market here on these forums and exploit it with easy come and easy go and the flashoe ends up buying in hope and discouraged and depressed .The best he can do is pass off the junk to some other poor unsuspecting schmuck and hug a hugby with a tint he loves .never mind it takes 20 lights to find one you like .