broke my TR001

Not sure why I never listen to "dont fix it if its not broke". My charger is working just fine, but "oh whats this? the spring loaded contacts are bent at an angle. Surely its too much effort to pull up on the battery so it seats and makes contact. I will just bend the contact instead" Snap! contact breaks off, close the garage door in disgust, and head to the couch to pout.

Folks if your contacts arent straight, leave em'. Dont do what I did.

you still got 1 bay left lol..

If you didn't, TR001 would break itself eventually. I had two of them fail after about 8 months of daily use, one (white) started charging batteries at 3.9V max and the other (black) "banged with smoke" its way to garbage But they are dirt cheap to replace, so, don't worry, just get another one.

I guess I better keep an eye on mine it's over a year old and I definitely got my moneys worth out of it.

I must be lucky [ well I dont know about that ] anyhow , my TR001 must be near on 3 year old , maybe then some .. and going well [ but you didnt want to know that ]

Now we get to see how creative you really are ? thank god it's a double you still have the ability to charge on one side .....right ??

Cheap they are, and another one is on its way. In the mean time I'll be using the good side, and frowning on the other.

While I was straightening out my contacts on my few-days-old TR-001, I was thinking the exact same thing.... "breaking the contacts off is bad .... mmmmmkay?"

I was very careful, though. They are at a near perfect 90 degree from the body since that evening few months ago, and all is well. :)

If you are any good at DIY, open it up and solder wires to the circuit board, put magnets or crocodile clips on the other ends, and you have no more restrictions about the battery size. At least on that one bay. ;)


I have spares if you need one right now and can't wait .

I did exacly the same thing. Despite, I already heared from others failing with that, I thought to be smarter in bending it very careful. That wasn't smart at all.

After that I made a new slider from a piece of thin that I found in the parts of a broken printer. Well it works, but it's far from beeing perfect. I use it as a backup charger now.

I broke one the FIRST time I tried to fit a protected 18650 in a WF-139!

I took it apart and reinforced and soldered it. PITA