broken NITECORE I4 Charger

Hi Guys
my I4 charger V2 isn’t responding with 220V AC power but it accept 12V DC,anyone know what is wrong with my charger?
the power cord is functional because i’ve test it with my I4 charger V1

It is difficult to know, but at least the 12V DC is still working. Do you have a multimeter?

If it’s within warranty it might be worth contacting Nitecore.

It might be as simple as a fuse or it might be some part that is blown.

A internal fuse will usual not look like a normal fuse, but can often be recognized because there is a F (Maybe F1) on the circuit board near it.

There is an internal fuse:

its been more than a year i’m afraid :~

thanks for the advice i will try to open it to see if it can be easily fixed :slight_smile:

Fuse is behind the yellow square, to the left of the blue square..

If you look real close at top left you can see "fus" for fuse?

Apparently these things were put together by people who have no clue how to check yours out well!

Check the solder points on the board for the figure 8 input, mine came lose over time when pluged in and out, it lifted the points from the board and bent the pins just enough away from the solder over time that it had no power one day when i plugged in, i just solderd them again and superglued the block down as the snapin hold down pins were lose causing it to lift when i pluged it in, my nephew has it now and hasn’t had any problems since i did the fix.

i’ve tear it up and found out that the fuse is been fried :frowning:
any place i can find a replacement for the fuse or any substitute for it?

Looks like what is called a pigtail fuse best I can tell, cant see much in the pic.

It should have a voltage and current rating on the fuse some where. Find a match and solder it in.
I don’t know if its a fast blow fuse or not, but I would probably replace it with one even if it was not, if you could unsolder it and post up a few of pics of what you find, might help further locate the correct fuse.
I guess other fuses could be used in a pinch, you would just have to solder your own pigtails on to the fuse.

i4 V2 is brittle crap charger that overcharges AAA cells, there, I said it once again :D!

Both of my units never saw extensive or considerable use at all, they have been kept in good shape, however on one of them that Im using as spare-backup charger out in the country side the power cord has started to disintegrate near the tip of it where the in-charger tip is.




I had no idea that they soldered boards like this until I saw this on tv: . I thought they did it by hand.


This process has been used for many years, it is called "Wave soldering".

Try to pull the “hats” from the fuse, I guess it is a standard fuse with just two contact joints pressed on…

in that pic looks like d3 is burned.
what is the chip next to it?
looks like a topswitch.smps and mosfet in one.

If you can't fix it, sell it to me. I want one to make into a battery charging cradle for a hobby charger.

My I-4 v2 quit this week also. No power when 110v ac applied. I loaded it up with 4 Panny 18650’s every night for 6 months. One night it just stopped. Going back under warranty which is 18 months.

They wanted me to ship it back to them. No offer for them to cover shipping. Here's the shipping address they gave me.

Rm1407-08,Glorious Tower,850 East Dongfeng Road,Guangzhou,China 510600
Attn.: Lei Jun lai,
Phone: 86 20 83862000

If you change your mind, I'd love to take that dead charger off your hands. All I really care about is the sliders.

Nightcore is in China? Sheez. This is revolting. Maybe I will tear it open. If I change my mind either way Leaftye, you can have it.

Did you purchase your i4 from a authorized dealer in the US? You should be able to return your i4 to them.