Bronte RA-03 vs Preon 2

I’ve been using the Bronte RA-03 for a while and like it but I kept reading rave reviews about the Preon 2 so I splurged and got one.

The P2 (right) is about 3/4” shorter and has a much better clip but I was disappointed in the brightness of the P2 — I really don’t see much difference at all between them in high mode. I tried several battery types — with some the P2 was slightly brighter but with others the Bronte seemed to beat it. These were not scientific tests, just eyeballing it. Best for both were Eneloops but I tried primaries, Ni-Zn and LiFePO4 + dummies too. Some batteries tended to heat up the P2 so I didn’t want to try a Li-ion + dummy. The Bronte never seems to heat up with any batteries.

I bought the P2 direct from 4Sevens and ordered the Generation 2 version emitter which is supposed to be 20% brighter. There is nothing on the packaging to indicate this is a Gen 2 though.

They are both very good lights. The Bronte’s clip is a little annoying — I have to bend it every now and then to get it to grip well but I don’t know if the $30 higher price of the P2 is really worth it over the Bronte.

I will use the P2 a little more before I decide if I will keep it or not.

bud, I have a Hypetac P1A that has the same clip design as your Bronte.

I managed to fix my clip permanently by taking it off and then bending it tighter. Did you try that? To take it off, you have to unscrew the cap above the clip, you can use the clip to turn it loose. Just be sure to put some tissue under the clip so you won't scratch the finish.

Yes, I’ve done the same thing with mine. But after a while it gets loose again. The metal may be a lower grade than yours.

It’s not a big inconvenience — I like fiddling with my lights anyway. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. But I agree the clip is rather weak, I pointed that out in my review of the Hypetac too. Otherwise I like it a lot and I hardly leave the house without it anymore.

Another thing that would interest me, if the bronte is switched off, can you make it light up by shaking it hard?

^ Nope — mine doesn’t do that.

I just checked the RA03 I gave to my wife - can’t get it to come on by shaking.

One problem is that she manages to switch it on by accident in her bag. When I gave it to her in May I put in Energizer lithium cells, and was a little miffed a month later when I borrowed it (’cos I don’t have enough lights of my own :wink: ) to find the batteries were dead.

So, I put in some eneloops, and loosened the head slightly to lock it out. When I asked to see it just now, I tightened it, and it came on. Honestly, some people you just cannot trust to do a simple thing like not switch a light on accidentally.

When I asked her if she really wanted it, she shrugged, and said “like you don’t have many”. Good point, but I gave it back.

Ok, so it's not a "family issue". Mine needed a paper washer in the battery tube to stop the negative pole from touching the tube wall every now and then.

Yeah, I wouldn't put it loosely in a pocket either, the switch is too exposed. I keep mine clipped to my front pocket.