Bryan at Shiningbeam

Shipped my drivers 14 minutes after I ordered them!! I think this guy pays attention.


I imagine him seeing the order, starts the stopwatch , pick up the drivers from a shelf, hastily wrapping and packing them, typing the adress, oops, typo, type again, stick it on, get up, put coat on, rush outside, pick the bicycle to the post office, deliver with hasty goodbye to the post guy, cycle back, rush in, no time to take off coat, direct behind computer, mail: order shipped! Stops stopwatch, satisfied smile on face

I have the BEST experience with bryan. Superb support.
I bought 2 batteries and one p-rocket II.
Very recommended!

If Bryan has what you need, there is no better place to buy from. Period. Exclamation point! End of flipping story.

His customer service is second to none. I love doing business with him. If you haven’t looked into them, his Blaze and Caveman are wonderful top shelf lights without having to pay top shelf prices.

He’s the best… just wish he’d get more emitters, etc. Been a long time since he had any new parts.


I'm a big fan of Shiningbeam .

Great service and fast shipping .

Same here. Although I’ve only purchased a few things from thus far, he’s been very pleasant to deal with.


Bryan has always been very good to me. I have had a problem or two but he has always went above and beyond what I would expect to fix the problem. One was a error on my part. I contacted him and he quickly fixed my error.
I have contacted him about items that where out of stock, he told me the truth. He didn’t have them in stock and gave me a reference that did. So that I got the stuff that I needed. He could have told me he had them in stock and would ship them in the next few days while really he was waiting for his stock to arrive. Which we all know how the china sellers tell you it is being packaged or waiting on supplier or please be patient after the fact you have ordered when their site said in stock ships in 1 to 3 days. He told me the truth even though he was loosing a sale he helped find what I needed. I can’t say enough for that kind of business.
I have since ordered many times from him. I have always been very satisfied with the products and his customer service.
I would not hesitate a second to recommend him to anyone. Bryan at shiningbeam a big +1.
As cone said

i never dealt with Bryan before but i enjoy busting balls of dealers such as Bill, Andy, Ric, Hank, Jake, Josh, Jason, Bryan, Craig, Calvin, Tod, Jeff, Jay, Ethan, Marshall, etc here and there for no specific reason. harmless tho. hehe

let me know if i forgot anyone *ggg*

EDIT: i forgot David, Balder and Otta haha ;)

+1, he and his products are great.


I love the fast shipping from him and competitive pricing. I wish he had a larger variety of emitters. Excellent vendor indeed!

If there is an issue at Shiningbeam, this is the one. I don’t know Bryan personally, but I imagine he is a conservative businessman who is growing his business slowly and methodically so that in continues to grow and prosper. It has grown over the time I’ve been a customer and he even has his own house brand now, so…

All this praise and no link?

Or mention of weekly specials.

I can’t speak for the others, but I’m not that bright; no pun intended.

Bryan’s Shinningbeam and Romisen lights are fantastic lights.

Nothing but good things to say about the guy