BTU PK26 teaser

light is arriving later today, will write more then.

until then , charged and ready to go….

Light has arrived. The box was mangled inside the bag, but no damage thankfully. I had read a few reports today on others who had received theirs and I was disappointed in what I read. Oh well. Took me a while to figure out how to make it a shorty. Like someone said the threads were terrible, and noisy, and few. Yea, that pre flash thing is weird when u turn it on. Why does it do that? Not a big deal to me really, just curious. Disappointed in the overall quality of the light/materials. In the pictures it looked fantastic! The tail end has a large flat surface area, so u would think it is great for tail standing. But in the center of that area is a little plastic nub that prevents it from being flat! Perhaps that can be filed off? Tried mine on 26350 and 18650 cells and it worked fine I get some ‘flickering’ on the lowest mode. Anyone else? I had to check the website as I wasn’t sure if this light had strobes. I found out that if I double click, it goes to TURBO! Bright! Nice bonus. Forget the battery indicator light unless u are in a closet and have a magnifying glass.
I like the light. It’s cute. I have a 26650 cell on the way. The NW tint is fine. I will probably put some diffusion film on the lens. I learned something on this purchase. I need to wait before I buy a light, at least a pricey one. This was an impulse buy. Patience. Now I know that Q8 offering will be different. I feel good at buying that site unseen because of all the braintrust working on it :wink:

Here’s some pictures:

So it’s a POS? :person_facepalming: Damn, I get my POS tomorrow…… :smiley:

Nah, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. Please come back and post your thoughts here as you speak from much experience. Thanks.

What is the blue material around what looks like a copper post?

Is there a spring in the tail? If not, what does it look like?

Richard’s take on the light…

FWIW I think it’s a pretty nice light. A few thoughts:


Nice balanced beam, even with HI version.
Nice tint on both CW and NW versions—-nothing nasty.
Decent surface finish (seems like it is fairly hard). Not super flat, so it won’t show marks quite as bad as some.
Switch light not too bright (maybe almost a bit too dark, see below)
Nice level spacing (you can actually tell it changed modes!)
Really sweet form factor, especially with the 26350 tube. That is what really makes this special IMO.
Easy lockout function.


Pre-flash when you first turn the light on.
26650 battery tube is a bit shorter than I’d like to see. It still works with all the unprotected 26650 I have tried it with, but you may not be able to screw it on all the way. I was able to get it over the o-ring so it is OK, but I think that a bit longer tube would be nice.
Button light is really dark. This can be a pro or a con depending on your preference, but it is barely visible unless completely dark. The button is not really translucent, so most of the light is from what leaks out of the edges.

good question. The photo makes it look blue, but it’s black. And it is, in my best wording, some sort of sponge rubber felt like material. It compresses. I can push down on it around that copper post but it springs back into shape!

Tom, the tail cap is exactly the same as this, except the post in the center is not copper, but silver colored.

Does your tail cap have the words “pocket rocket”.

Mine is flat and tail stands.

Hi Chooma. Yes, mine is flat too, but there is a tiny little manufacturing dimple in the very center. Does yours have it? So mine will not perfectly flat.

Yep, it says POCKET ROCKET on it.

Any idea on the output? I probably missed it on the product page.