BTU Shocker - $99 Free Ship at FF

*EDIT: Back again!

Now with XM-L2 and SINKPADS for $15 more!*

Haven’t seen this posted yet anywhere.

The lowest price yet without a $50 credit nonsense.

Monster light for $99 bucks. I have one and might grab a second with the dry driver.

The price is good, I got mine on the $50 coupon offer, resulting in the same price.
What’s also interesting is that there are only 20 left. Looks like the BTU will be sold out very soon :open_mouth:

Yikes, under $100! And with a real AR lens he's shipping now, which btw, is pretty damn nice.

I paid $120 for it, I knew it could be lower but at that time I just couldn’t resist it as a flashaholic and I bought it.

Does this mean xml2 replacement is on the way?

Really? When did they get that upgrade?

I've posted it here in the Shocker review threads, I believe. It started maybe 4-5 or so weeks ago. I got one in a couple of weeks ago with it. Any previous owner can email Ric for a free AR lens upgrade - he's been sending them out.

Do you guys have the DRY driver or the new one?

I worked on one - with the XM-L2/SinkPAD upgrade, it does seem to do a bit better, more amps, but I think you need to wire up the springs as well to see the higher amps in that configuration. Only thing that sucks is it cuts off turbo in 2 minutes, while the stock driver cuts off in 3 minutes. That whole turbo cutoff deal sucks when you upgrade the stars to copper, use AS5, and polish the surfaces, because it runs a whole lot cooler, and the emitters are actually centered over a pretty significant chunk of aluminum. I was thinking a good heat mgt improvement would be to upgrade that steel screw to copper, brass or aluminum so maybe heat from the pill top could be transferred to that huge reflector chunk of metal.

Hmmm so which would you prefer? DRY?

On FF site it says the DRY driver doesn’t have as good heatsinking… what’s that about?

edit: exact quote =

I ordered mine with the BTU driver due to the 3 minute step down

You could always do that and just order a spare dry driver - its only $5 and swap them out yourself

Yes, I received the AR lens from Ric two weeks ago, awesome.

Couldn't resist.

When I ordered the Shocker with BTU driver Ric has included the DRY driver in the package already for free.

I told Ric that I bought my BTU from a fellow member at BLF and did I still qualify for the free a/r lens upgrade? He pm’d me back saying of course I did and he would send one right out. Great customer service imo.

Great light at a great price,most members that were waiting should get it at this price.I wish the AR lens came with mine but I got the olight one for it.That's awesome Ric is making good on the upgrades to the better lens.

So how bright is this light after it steps down off of turbo and to high mode? That’s what I want to hear from those that have it. Will it truly put out 2000 lumens on high and how does it throw on high?

And if I wnat to get one what driver should I get?


great question

It drops down from 3.8 amps and around 3000 lumens to at 2.5 amps, which is a drop of just over a third in current. Current to lumen ratio is diminishing at 3.8 amps though so it should stay over 2/3 of max output. I would be confident that high is over 2000.

You can just re-set it back to turbo in half a second with a half-press of the tailcap though so I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s really there to stop it being left in turbo unattended.

Im wondering if the DRY driver will overheat and prove to be unreliable. Can someone answer this please? What driver should we go with?