BTU Shocker/TK-70 replacement

Looking for a BTU Shocker/TK-70 replacement for this holiday under 150 dollars. What’s good? Haven’t been back on this forum since March or July this year.

Here you go. An option.

It just was on sale for $86 bucks, so you may want to wait.

Some outstanding reviews below.

Let us know what you decide.

The TR-J19 is the most similar that I've seen, and it's only around $70. It has good battery capacity with 3x32650 or 2x26650 and can handle the heat well. The reflectors aren't quite as good for throw as the BTU IMO, but it's close and it is still available at a great price.

TK-75. Best deals seem to be on ebay. Check out RaceR86's thread. I love mine and it's still not yet modded.

Ask here in FlashPilot's Thread.

Not under $150 but not a bad as you might think. MAP police, don't publish price.

Awesome light!