Budget AA

I currently use a Ultrafire 501b with rcr123 and my colleagues are astounded by the performance and keep asking for similar flashlight for themselves, now I'm not saying their lacking in common sense but matching testing and paring batteriess is a little complex for them!!

What I'm after is a budget 2/3 AA flashlight that I can reccommend not coming from this size flashlight i'm a little unfamiliar?

Its unpleasant watching them waste money, and then lose or damage their Lenser P7.

There is an ongoing thread specifically for geocaching, but the 2AA lights mentioned there would also be my general use recommendations.

Rayovac Indestructible, 14.99$ HomeDepot

Dorcy 41-4750

For $17 at Sears, very few lights can throw like this one for 20 bucks. Uses 4 xAA batteries, with a well-focused XR-E emitter.