Budget Adjustable Spotlight

So I wanted to make a post of my own for this because I wasn’t sure if what I wanted has been covered. Please forgive me if this has already been covered once before.

So my main focus is on 18650 lights but I have been looking to get a spotlight or handheld fog light for the vehicle. Something that if a accident was on the highway during a foggy or stormy night, I could get the light out and help warn drivers from hitting it. I know it’s a long try but it’s something I personally want to do. I’m not the most rich person in the world. I can afford $20 a light a month, depending on the price and my budgeting skills. So if that gives a idea of my price range. LED obviously, handheld with a handle, powerful, affordable, strong battery life, a distance light, and adjustable beam. That’s what I’m after. What do you got for me?


Comes with battery, very durable (for a zoomie) and has USB charging port built into it. I have that light, its nice.

I have this thing I got on Amazon. It’s a stanley fat max light. they make a few different ones but this one is the most powerful. It can charge from the wall or comes with a 12v plug in, so it’s good for the car. I have not used mine extensively but have messed around with it in the yard and around home. It is bright as hall and tosses a pretty good beam. I would include the link but it’s my own account so the links don’t seem to work for other people unless I sign out.

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 2,200 Lumen

Convoy L2. Throws a laserbeam of light like you wouldn’t believe.

Was just a 20something buk code for them a week or so ago.

Takes 1 or 2 26650s, or 18650s with those rubberband doodads.

Brinyte B158.
Zoomable lens, great output & throw with XPL Hi V3.


When using a coupon from M4DM4X, it will fit your monthly budget.

Besides, with the removable pill very easily modded for future projects. I love mine(the old model with gun mount), great quality and bang for the buck :+1:

+1 on the Brinyte B158 with XPL Hi V3. Mine has gotten more and more use in tasks I never expected to use it on. Surprisingly versatile and I was never a huge fan of zoomies although the Zeusray was OK before they cut back on the quality in latter batches.