Budget Chinese knives with Guthooks

Can anybody recommend me a decent budget Chinese source-able knife please?

This looks about right but I’ve no experience of the brand at all, I think some people on here at least own something by this maker? Any comments appreciated


I know that a lot of the modern Browning knives are made in China….but…a lot of the Chinese sites sell “name brand” knives that are pure fakes, or not…it is a gamble.

I would prefer something like the Enlan L02-1 for $11 USD. With Enlan, at least you know you are getting a quality product with good steel.

Here it is:


Top work, cheers Steve, I’ll check Aliexpress for that as in the UK you can’t buy knives on EBay(?)

Only thing I notice with the Enlan is the strange location of the hook, does it not become a bit awkward having to insert more of the knife into the animal? (this knife is a gift for a friend, I don’t know enough about preparing game)

Hi Jeansy,

I think the gut hook being further back would work just as well, and be better for other knife work.

I always use a fixed blade knife for all other butchering. A folding knife tends to get clogged with debris when working inside the animal, cutting the gullet etc.

It is not budget, but a very popular gutting knife is this Wyoming Knife with replaceable blade:


That sounds good then, I might grab that Enlan. I thought a fixed would be better but he said he’d prefer a folder… I like the dedicated hook design, I’ll show my mate when I see him next. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: