Budget flashlight for hunting

First of all I don’t have much knowledge about this so I need help.

I buy Ultrafire C12 CREE XP-L v5 SMO, and it was really fine, but i need some flashlight that can trow light a little further that this lamp. The purpose is to hunt and budget is max 25 $.

So I read about CREE XP-L HI V2 and as far as I understand it can throw light further than XP-L v5 ?
I found a same model Ultrafire with CREE XP-L HI V2 and I’m interested to know if anyone can answer how much that throw is better in meters relative to v5 ?

Also they are offer to me a UniqueFire HS-802 CREE XM-L2 U2 + Extension Tubbe for 25 $.
I don’t know is this flashlight better that C12 XP-L v5, and how much is the range…

Some advice ? I can post a links from flashlights if someone need that.

Just a little bit over your budget, but this would be a great compact thrower setup if you’re willing to build it:

1,300+ lumens, 100kcd+ on turbo and ultra efficient low mode, needs a decent battery. A stock C12 with XP-L can be anywhere between 15-25kcd.

Convoy C8 host $11.55

XP-L HI V2 1A on 20mm noctigon $6.98

17mm FET+1 driver $8.99

If not, you can get the new KD C8 for $18.99:


Comes with a XP-L HI V3 2B and 8x7135 for 3A in turbo, this should put out about 900 lumens and 40kcd. See the review here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/35128

Alternatively, you can mod your existing C12 with an XP-L HI, this should give you roughly twice the throw.

Thanks will34 for your proposal, I’m not expert enough that I can bild lamp, I need only finished models only to buy and use.

This KD C8 for $18.99 is ok price but I don’t know what is best :



Seller claimed that this UniqueFire has better to get long range…

I don’t know I want to buy one but I would like the best…

So KD C8, UniqueFire HS-802, or C12 CREE XP-L HI V2… ?

The main thing is clear and good visible prey at 120-150 meters, fox, jackal… ?

No experience with an XM-L equipped HS-802, but that light is an excellent thrower with smaller emitters. Either an older XR-E or a properly-focused XP-E/E2 will give you an incredibly tight-focused very narrow hotspot beam.

Your C12 should be on par with a typical C8, as those use the same reflector IIRC.

The SmallSun ZY-T08 was the hotness for a while; it was said to be a fantastic budget thrower, but I’m not sure about the quality or performance you might get from it now:

I don’t think going from the XP-L to the XP-L HI is going to get you a radical increase in throw if that’s what you are expecting. You might wish to consider an aspheric type thrower which you could focus to a tight beam:

The Brinyte B158 in red works exceptionally well as a predator shooting light, to about 150m in clear conditions.

I hunt foxes sometimes twice a week and have shot many using this light on my .223.

The white version throws OK, not exceptional but it will still beat an XM-L C8. The green throws quite well and will twinkle eyes a long way out.


This light is extremely easy to mod and have multiple LED pills to use for when you are confident enough to try and build a pill. The XP-L Hi throws great, as does an xp-g2 and even a hard driven little old XR-E throws a long way.

Ask ReManG for the discount code on this C8S.
A fantastic light for $16.00.
Amazon Prime is 2 day delivery. If you don’t have Prime sign up for their free 30 day trial and still get it in 2 days.
You can’t go wrong.

I expect increase, not too many, but 50m will be ok !
Yes the seller also have UniqueFire UF-1407 but they propose to me a UniqueFire HS-802 and said that have better throw.
This zoom lamps are not good or I have found a good, simply zoom iz not narrowed enought, so that on long distance a beam is too big.

@blitzwing only white light is acceptable, this is U4 its great. In your opinion what is realistic range of this light with white colour ? Of course a fox must be well seen ?

@GrayEd61 this is only for USA, and i think that this is a story about a better model than this…

I will put some beamshots up a bit later, of the B158.

What do you plan on using it for? I know that you said hunting but can you bemore specific? Just general lighting, red for night vision, blue for blood tracking, green for map reading, predator hunting, etc…


B158 Beamshots - camera is set at 5X optical zoom, 15 second exposure and range is just over 200m to the trees. Pics are cropped to show the hot spot. This is a close representation of what you’ll see through a good scope.

1X zoom. same camera settings, torch on focus mode.

Kangaroos about 60m away (these are not hunted, just used for demonstration….0

Another big fan of the B158 here, I have a couple I’m planning on modding once I can make head and tail of all the lingo on here 8^)

Red makes rabbit’s eyes stand out like dog’s balls })

Yep. I mostly use red for rabbit and fox hunting. The B158 is the longest throwing red light I have used.

@HorizontalHunter, predator hunting, white led ( fox, jackal… ), rugged terrain.

@blitzwing as I understand 200m is distance from where you shoot this pic to the trees. I don’t know how it looks live but through pictures is impressive.

Although the beam should be narrowed, I prefer narrowed than this…

So please tell me do you buy it from gearbest link that you provide, as I can see it have mode memory… ?

I don’t hunt predators at night but I agree with Blitzwing the B158 is the way to go with the interchangeable pills. I have been considering picking one up a sit would be useful for blood tracking and such. There are a to of terrific folks here on the forums and they are a great resource.

I have placed three orders from Gear Best this year and they have been good to do business with. My last order was missing two items so I opened a customer service ticket to find out what happened. They were very responsive to my inquiry. They items were back ordered and they said that they would ship by the 20th. They shipped yesterday.

Had I paid attention when I read the shipment email when they shipped the partial shipment I would have known that they were back ordered so IME you can buy from them with confidence.

I would recommend that you spend the extra coule of bucks for insurance and tracking. It’s good piece of mind for short money. I also use PayPal so you really can’t go wrong.

Also, keep in mind that the average shipping time is about 3 weeks. It seems to take them about 4-5 days to get it out the door and through customs so don’t expect it to be on a UPS truck that afternoon.

BangGood is another supplier that many here and on CPF use. They can be faster as they have some items stocked in the US/Canada and the shipping is faster for those items. I have not used them.


Keep in mind that if you have a warranty issue it will need to be shipped back and then the fixed, or replacement, item needs to be shipped back. All this takes time.

I had a problem with a Fenix flashlight that was waaaaaay beyond the warranty and they were terrific. It took 6 days for USPS to get it there and it cost about $8.00 for shipping.

I hope that this is helpful,


Yes, that is about what you will see with a good scope.

I got my lights from Brinyte directly, as part of an order and so I specified single mode.

@HorizontalHunter thanks for helping, I know how Gearbest function, but I prefer other services like Ebay and Ali.

@blitzwing thank you for beamshots, I order it now from GB, and we will see when it come.

@blitzwing, today I receive it.

I wait a night for testing, but as far for now I don’t understand well how it works :confused:

Other lamps that I have when I switch it ON I go try modes with slight pressure on switch and I change modes, and when I want to turn off lamp I press harder and lamp is OFF.

But on this lamp this method won’t work, when I do I slight pressure on switch when lamp is ON, nothing happens…
But when lamp is not ON and I do a slight pressure on switch it starts to work and when I let go it automatic turn off, so I guess this is normal… ?

Are you saying the switch doesn’t lock on?

That’s not right.

I believe you are describing the actions of a forward momentary type switch. Forward switches are common on tactical or hunting lights. You can briefly turn on the light without clicking and it will turn off when the switch is released. Modes are selected by a series of soft presses when the light is turned off. When you reach the mode you want, you give a hard press to click the switch and lock the light on in that mode. Soft press while light is on will do nothing. Click again to turn the light off. Someone else may describe it better.

I shoot at night regularly.
I’ll be honest - I hate with a passion, zoomies and aspherics.
But that’s just me.
I will shy you away, however, from Ultrafire. You aren’t guaranteed to get a genuine X-Lamp in your generic lights anymore.
I have the KD XPL-HI C8 that was recommended up further. I can’t fault it. Well, once I got used to the mode grouping, that is.
Not an issue though as it has memory.

Either way, you will get plenty of advice / help here. I know I certainly have. Everyones tastes are different, but one thing that is consistent here is you won’t get recommend sh products.