Budget Flashlight recommendation

Hello, I would like a recommendation for a budget flashlight, it will be used mainly at home, as a hobby, and rarely for a bike as a front light.
I want it to use AA or AAA batteries (it’s hard to find CR123A or 18650 batteries) and the budget is pretty low, maxim 10-12 $.
Please recommend me something in the budget, thanks in advance.

Zanflare F2?

This one has a better value, in my oppinion - Sofirns SP10A (or B), but NOT the version 2.0:


At that price range, Sofirn SF13 is the one I would get.

No AA or AAA light will have the brightness or runtime I would expect of a bike light, just my 2c.
you really need 18650 li-io, preferably 4 cells.
fortunately chinese amazon versions are ok and under $25.
they will last a couple years.
great bargains.
no sense trying to get a flashlight to be a bike light, at that price.

where do u even live ? i would recommend a convoy s2+ u can get it for like 18-20$ or so, its really a great light for very little money but it runs on 18650 but it would help if u told us where u live. Running regular AA batteries u wont get much output sadly but if u dont want even 500 lumens then i dont know what to recommend really.

AA: Sofirn SP10A, Convoy T2 (you can’t use 14500 and PWM is noticeable), Zanflare F2 (use 2 aa) or Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 for a bit more.
AAA: Lumintop EDC01 (there is a discount code on Banggood and you can get 2 EDC01 for 13$ ), Astrolux A01, Zanflare F1, Olight I3E (has only 1 mode).

I don’t know exactly how much light you will need but for me a aaa flashlight is pretty much enough for me in daily life. I’m currently edc a Fenix E05, a very solid and compact flashlight. In long term you will definitely have to get a 18650 flashlight anyway if you got the bug :smiley:

Jetbeam Jet and Jetbeam Jet-u.
Might be a couple of bucks more, but worth it.

Wow, so many replies, thank you guys.
Ok, reading the replies I think I can also put in the list flashlights with 18650 batteries, so if you also have recommendation for flashlights using 18650, please share.
Other question: should I choose a normal flashlight or one with zoomable option? (I don’t know if I will use it very often, but it sounds nice to have this option).

Budget… Flashlight.
Sofurn or one of the other (depending on your wallet)
C8, preferably Convoy C8+
WILL do 98% of what you need
They vary from around $13 to $33. Anything from XM-L (2/Hi, etc)
XPL-hi, will give you enough to last forever.

Liito-Kala 202 charger will charge most battery’s you will buy
for around $6 to $8. del
Both cheap, reliable, and do a good job.

I have several zoomies from the old days. Never use them nowadays.
That C8/+ will do all you need in your price range. And more.
There are zillions of models out there. don’t get dizzy.

The Convoy C8/C8+ is not that suitable for a bike light as its beam is concentrated (spot).
OTOH, The Convoy S2+ has a more floody beam.

And between these two extremes, you have the Convoy S2, with a fairly narrow floody beam that reaches decent distance even with a domed emitter and orange peel reflector (toss in an HI emitter like Simon is offering now on a smooth reflector, and it’s a proper tube thrower!) and the M1, which I think balances flood and throw the best out of the whole Convoy line.

The cheapest among all these Convoys are the S2 and the S2+.

I don’t get the hatred for the V2. I have zero problems with it. I have dropped it a few times even on a tiled floor and it’s still fine!

I’ve used the C8+ on my bike once or twice.
The spill is enuff to make it safe on bitumin.

I think it’s important to know where and on what surfaces you ride though :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Burn Aussie!

It would help to know what kind of riding you do. And length of rides. The bike strobe mode on the BLF A6, and Convoys (S2+ or C8) with biscotti is definitely worth having (for me). But my favorite is the Thorfire TK15s because it’s the easiest use with gloves on, which frequently coincides with riding in the dark (again, for me).

Zoomies tend to have issues with waterproofing, and they’re inefficient getting light out the front. More importantly, most low-end zoomies, especially in the price range you’re looking for, well, they suck. There are exceptions, I believe, but fans of really inexpensive zooms are pretty scarce around here.

The Jetbeam Jet-I MK is my favorite single AA light. Simple twisty, 3 good well placed modes, good regulated boost circuit for AA. I believe with 14500 it switches to PWM so I just use the light with an AA.

I’m guessing Jetbeam’s PWM isn’t the best out there, then.

I’m not a fan of PWM. I find most of the AA/14500 lights have pretty decent boost circuits for AA and then use PWM or a form of it when using a battery that has a higher voltage than the Vfwd of the LED. The only other solution is to use a more elaborate buck-boost circuit but that would make the light more expensive. Then you’d be into the price range of the prior Fenix LD11.

So when I buy an AA light, regardless of whether it has 14500 capability or not, I buy it for the AA performance. I really like the Jet-I MK. My only gripe might be that I would prefer no memory so that it would start on low every time you turn on. For some reason Jetbeam didn’t do memory on the Jet-II MK.