Budget flashlight with boxes


I've had a Maglite Mini AAA for over 10 years. Always worked like a charm. 1 year ago I had to renew the batteries (once again) and used some crap type of AA batteries (stupid me... I know). Didn't use my maglite for a while and now one of the batteries got stuck, removed the battery (with some power tools) but didn't bother. My maglite officialy died yesterday. (the switch and end of the flashlight are dead and since I live in the Netherlands, I can't seem to buy new ones for a good price...)

I've bought a Romisen RC-G2 some months ago. Got it in my car, GREAT flashlight. Got it for a good price (12 $ incl shipping) and it works better compared to my old fashion Maglite. I still use this one in my car, but I'm searching for a new flashlight (used my maglite for this) for home usage (nothing special, just in case...). My question is:

Are there any budget lights (under 20$ incl shipping) which ship with a nice box? I've always had some plastic box for my maglite and I like a new flashlight with this too? I've searched the forums but could not find anything about this.

So what do I search?

A new flashlight with a box (for storage). I prefer 1 or 2 AA / AAA batteries, LED light (I got this CREE one in my Romisen and I like the one). Under $20 incl shipping. I hope anyone can help me with this? :)

yes thank you, I saw that one. Main problem is that I got to go under $25 because of taxes and some import things in the Netherlands... That's why I usually go for $20 :P so I won't get any unforeseen extra costs.

Hunt around and see if you can still find an ITP A3 in stainless steel for under $25. here's one but probably won't work for where you are at:


I see others from time to time but I can't recall what they were or how much they were.

I remembered another one: The Xtar WK25 but its actually nice cardboard rather than plastic or metal:



Hey, vertigo3. Maybe you can consider the LED flashlight under 180 Lumens (maybe it hasn't the box) on the webshops which is free shipping.

I've been reading lots of reviews. Found out it's really hard to find what I am looking for. Maybe I'm just searching for something which does not exist. The Xtar looks good and I might buy that one. It's a good price too :-). Just bought myself a cheap mxdl and a tank007 TK566 (with holster) yesterday. Will take a while to get here... Maybe a holster will be fine for me, maybe I just don't need a box. Thanks everybody for the help with my question. The more I search on this forum, the more flashlights I want....need....must have.... Just like my earphone obsession... :-P

@ Vern, I am sorry but I do not understand what you mean :-P a link would be nice ;-).

Have you thought about getting a small pelican case? Look up 1015, 1020 or 1030 model. Some foam cut to fit and presto.