Budget friendly adjustable bench Power supplies perfect for testing LED's and other uses!

I would just use the 48V, I have had zero issues using the full input voltage for even our low output voltages and it is a lot simpler to just use it all the time.

I am placing my order for a DPS5015 tonight (had a few questions about some other products they sell, like the load tester). Already got the wire and connectors coming in to build another acrylic box for it.

I purchased my DPS5015 from the designer on eBay because I didn’t have a AliExpress account and wanted to pay with PayPal
It cost a little more but all went well and it’s the same guy.

Here is his auction:

If you make him an offer with the BLF discount he might except.


Neat because it can fit in a small box with the DPS. However I'd worry the charging smartness might get in the way of things. In principle a lead-acid charger really doesn't need to be smart, and maybe it's not. It does mention float voltage though. You can't get low quality when you want it. I wouldn't be surprised if it still works fine though.

“the device” arrived today :+1:

Very well packaged but the thing itself is much smaller than i though. :slight_smile:

Still waiting for the power supply.

Ordered DPS5015. Good seller. Also scored a 48V DC 3A powersupply from ebay, I think it was originally used for some POE injector or something, But should be more than enough for my purposes. Now need to get a box and and put it all in when it arrives.

Finished my build and I’m quite pleased with the end result:)

Case dimensions:
95*158*55mm or 3.7*6.2*2.2inch

4.0mm/11AWG for xt60 (both in and out)
2.5mm/13AWG for banana sockets
0.8mm/18AWG for speaker terminals

It was a tight fit :smiling_imp:

Very nice looking case there. I keep thinking about using thicker wire for the connections but I can only find it in 1m+ lengths and at a cost of $10 for such a wire. A bit much for a budget project. I might see if a car audio shop has anything smaller then the normal 8 gauge amp stuff, 10-12 gauge would be great.

Very nicely done. Beautiful work. What power source are you using to drive it?

I have two powering options. Simple laptop power supply for most tasks and one old-school-rock-steady 36V server power brick. I have very limited space on my desk so most of the time it will probably be the small 19V laptop power.

I used about a meter of the thicker black cable and it was well under 1 euro in local hardware store. It’s not the super flexible high temp silicone kind, but simple electrical installation type. Holds shape very well :smiley:

So I tested mine against a fluke quickly. I had it powered off a quality supply at the time. I didn't write down voltage, but I remember it being a digit or two off, well better than a a fraction of a percent though. Current readback was not even a digit off up to 10 Amps, basically 0.1% accurate. I didn't get a chance to scope it or test it with dirty input.

Curious, anyone feel it's hard to press the buttons once it's in a case? For now I can grab the whole controller with my fingers behind it and push buttons with my thumb with one hand. It kind of seems it would take two hands or a more awkward grip once in a box, unless it's a pretty heavy box. I'm thinking about some kind of ledge on top just to grip it. One hand operation is kind of important.

My 3012 was off by 1 digit IIRC but it was consistent in that digit (small calibration error I assume). Like you said it was still less then 1% accurate which is within the specs so I was highly impressed.

My DP50V5A is even more dead on, which the specs once again said it should be.

Far as the buttons go, they are a little hard to press but with some sticky feet I have not noticed an issue, I usually rest my hand on the top of the box and press the buttons with my thumb anyways so it doesn’t go anywhere. If just stabbing at them, then yeah it could move the box if it slides easily.

Ok, so I need to come up with Christmas gift ideas to give to people, and the DPS line is looking better to me. However, I really would rather have a more finished package instead of still needing a DC supply for it, and an enclosure, connectors, etc. Do you guys have any more “finished” suggestions?

Important points:

- Clean enough to use for calibrating LVP

- 20V+

- 5A+ (10A is better)

  • $50-75

There are lots of options that fit that…… If you are willing to spend $150 for them. What is your budget?

I do wish they made an enclosure for these, it would be quite nice to have it all pre-made.

I just got my 5015 in the other day, I now need to sketch out a design for the box and get it built so I can use it.

Sorry, budget added. $50-75

If the DPS line with its nice screen and functionality can be had for $35, why does the box and power cord have to be so hard? :frowning:

I am not sure why RD (the company that makes them) is not interested in making an enclosure for them, I suggested they do this myself.

The power supply is a large part of the cost for the other models, it is not much for us because we use old power supplies that we get for scrap prices. New on the other hand the power supplies for these would easily cost $100+ in many cases by themselves. Thats where the majority of the savings is coming from.

Once I get my latest box built I can upload the files for anyone else that would like to make one, or I could even sell the cutout parts for you to assemble if people wanted.

And i’m still waiting for that dang power supply…. :weary:

I ordered about the same time as you IIRC, mine showed up yesterday or the day before (long week). So it should not be long.

I hope so…
I’ll be gone for a week next sunday, who knows, tomorrow or saturday… …or a week later…
I ordered it on the same day as the 5015.

Those brick chargers I listed awhile back are 48V and 3A, which means output may well reach 6A at 20V, and they can certainly reach the + in 20+ but will with less current of course. All assuming they work as advertised. The budget adds up about right with a $10 box and bit and pieces.

I used one of those 48V 3A power supplies for my last DPS3012 and it would handle 12 amps up to around 12 volts or so before it would start dropping voltage.