Budget High-quality XM-L 5 Mode

XM-L Keygos KE-5. I accidentally ended up with an extra

Good throw for a non-dedicated light with plenty of spill, perfect for general use, biking, etc.

The reviews on here are positive, with tailcap readings mostly sticking between 2.25-3.6A. I bought this one from the ebay dealer who sold the light tested to be at 3.6A, and who I have heard about as a reliable dealer.



I opened the packaging to check that

(1) the LED appears to be an XM-L,

(2) the light works well. Although I do not have a lux meter or multi-meter, it seems equivalently bright to my eyes to a vintage 18650 ROP-Hi I created,

(3) the threads appear sturdy, and that general construction seems solid.

I then put the light right back in its box. Because the packaging opens and re-closes easily I consider this to still be basically NIB.

This is a factory re-brand of UltraFire 80, which is sold on Ebay for ~$55-65. Ebay sells these for ~~$29 although they often go for as high as $35 or more. I am selling for $30+whichever shipping option you'd like, and this removes the uncertainty/shipping time of buying from China.

PRICE: $35+ Shipping

PM me. I will edit post when it is sold.