Budget Infrared Thermometer

Curious if anyone has had any experience with these nifty little devices; I’ve been looking into getting one for a while now.

Any suggestions? Preferably under $30.

It’ll mostly be used for grilling, cooking oil, perhaps some other various measurements (charging batteries, checking flashlight body temps).


Someone gave me this link:


I have one from Harbor Freight Tools, I think it was $25.

I use it to check the wheel bearing on my boat trailer, works great.

I have a ThermoHAWK 200 that I got for less than $30. I really like it. I use it frequently when prototyping circuits to check the temperature of various components, usually MOSFETs or power controllers.

These small keychain like units have a Distance-to-Spot ratio of 1:1, meaning if I want to measure the temp of something with an area of 1 inch diameter, the unit needs to be one inch away. So to measure a component temp it needs to be right next to the component.

The gun type units with a laser pointer have a distance-to-spot ratio of more like 12:1 so to measure the same 1 inch diameter area it can be 12 inches away. Thus the use of the laser pointer.

I’ve got one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/200939188072 , no complaints and it seems fairly accurate, though if I were buying again I’d probably get one with adjustable Emissivity

I have one from fasttech https://www.fasttech.com/products/1326105. The temperatures I have checked it at are pretty accurate. The laser doesn’t quite point correctly but not too far off. It’s not a rifle after all.


What about bottom of the barrel price? Or is this likely junk?

What about This? cheaper, uses aaa batteries, and adjustable emissivity.
Does anyone know it? I’m thinking of taking one

Don’t know where you are located but if you want it today, i have this one.


works well.