Budget LED LightSabre (Light Sword of the Lucasfilm Starwars type)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a budget light sabre from a powerful LED light, ideally blue with some sort of blade attached.

I do not see many blue LED’s. My son rejects green or red, though I am trying to sell him on green since it is a Jedi color.

I am not sure if this is the right forum.

Someone on aliexpress is advertising cheap lightsabres but one has to buy 144
There is a mini lightsabre on DX but it is too small.
There are some available in Japan but my son does not like the fact that they flash

They are sold in the US, from about 50USD from http://www.ultrasabers.com/ but the shipping is another 58 to Japan….

Ask the aliexpress seller to sell you one as a sample.

Only way is to make one.
Not cheap and can be dangerous but its the real deal…

Don't listen to the DarkSide, Luke. :bigsmile:

I would not want to make the Aliexpress seller to think that I am considering purchasing 144 of them. I asked if they would sell me two but recieved no response.

He did listen…Now he’s a big shot movie star

I have an old version of the Coast camp light

@ sports authority

The old version took 3 N batteries which kind of sucks, but the light rod was decent - lexan or similar and it threads into the head of the light. It’s white so would be possible to add a filter of some type at the base of the light rod to change color. The new version is 2AA, so easier to work with and maybe mod with a stronger LED. A little small at 11”, but bigger than the DX one for sure.

The light rod was not stronger than my 2 year old - it sheared at the threads when he tried to cut through the floor with it.

Thank you very much for the Suggestion oneBlackhand.

Alas my son Ray is 6 and wants something about 25inches or more long.

have you tried…


these sound cool


Welcome to the madness, OneBlackhand!

Thanks Alex

The ones on ebay look like those on Aliexpress, except sold singularly, which would be great but they are in the US, and i am in Japan so it is going to cost about as much to send it (back?) as it is for the item but thank you, since it is the best lead I have so far.


For the time being I bought a red flashing LED traffic baton as used by people directing traffic.
A bit like these
except longer (and no more expensive).

Trouble is my son has been watching the videos on youtube of Hasbro’s FX lightsaber and ultrasaber. Spoilt!

All the same, being of that age (I was about 10 when Star Wars first came out) I would ideally like to get a 100-200 dollar light saber that makes ‘vrumm brumm’ noises. Perhaps I should give up on the budget alternatives.

Also, I will be going to Hong Kong in late August…So perhaps there will light sabers in Hong Kong markets.

Ray seems to like the traffic baton. It is strong and bright and will do for the time being.

Well, I don’t know where to get the parts, but I know you can get a clear tube, fill it with a foam but so it’s still hollow, and just put that over a small flashlight. and you can use coloured cellophane to get the different tints.

It sounds easy, but as i said earlier i have no idea where to get the parts.

For 100-200 you can gett a Hasbro or an master replica lightsaber with all the sound effect (and yes they are amazing)
I have build one myself about ten years ago (as part of my Jedi exam :bigsmile: ) it has a vacuum cleaner tube some brass nuts and bolds and a pvs tube with a Lee gel filter (forgot the number) and a power led in the hilt to light it up.

Any results until now?
The aliexpress seller solds now lots of 6 for 30$ shipped that’s really cheap, are these extractable?

Have u tried https://swordskingdom.co.uk/ for Replica Swords?

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