Budget lights with separate mode button and momentary on ?

Would you guys mind sharing a list of budget lights that have a separate mode button on the side and a main tail switch with momentary on?

I have an xt11 and love it, but I’d like to take a look at budget lights that will give me a quick on and off with a half press of the tail switch. No specific types (although, my next light will be a single or dual 18650 budget thrower).



The only one I know of is the TK35 clone.


Not sure if this is what you mean but the Fenix E40 has two buttons and momentary on thanks to its forward click tactical switch. On sale right now too.


Thanks guys. Just to clarify, the separate switch to control modes doesn’t have to be on the tail with the main power switch, it can be on the side.

Would a control ring work? The Black Shadow Darth has that.

Yes. I Forgot about the ring option!

Then there is this. _The_ is planning on doing a review once he gets his.


ITP SA1, SA2, SC1, SC2

I bought this light recently and it’s a fairly good thrower. :slight_smile:


The shiningbeam blaze is on clearance right for $30 and it has a seperate mechanism for setting (and remembering) mode from the FWD clickie in the back.

Nice light (very well focused hotspot for the size), but pretty high tint.

The Small Sun is a great light for $24 bucks and comes with the features your looking for.
I just received this light ( see link below) although a tad more the benefits are tremendous.
An obvious Niteye clone its a surprisingly a fantastic thrower. I wasnt expecting the clone
to include the Niteye functionality features like pitched reflectors. This one does and
its throws one heck of a powerful beam.

Crelent V9CS or the previously mentioned Small Sun. If you can find some old stock you might nab a Klarus ST10, 20, NT10, 20. They have the features you mention.

How about Thrunite T30 (or similar): Forward clicky at tail + twist head for modes.