Budget manual flipper knives that "quick open"

Not sure you would be happy with the skyline, it misfires sometimes on me, kinda needs a little wrist action to open 100% of the time. Without a little wrist flick it fails sometimes unless it’s been warmed up from repeated flips and also need correct finger placement on flipper. Pocket clip is very tight and not easy to get in/out of jeans. It has a very nice blade shape and good steel tho, I wouldnt pay the current $42 ish price it is now on amazon, I had to wait it out for a few years and it dropped to $28 a few months ago which I think is fair……

But for that price I would go with the Atmos which is really nice and lightweight opens every damn time, or the Ruike P801 about same price, if you wanna go cheaper the Sanrenmu land 910

here’s some pics of those knifes:

Yes Raccoon.
Sweet as. with slightly swollen plates on handle to give much better grip. Not flat as most are.

D2. shrug.
It takes and holds a nice edge and cuts quite a lot of 17mm Yacht sheeting braid Rope.
Looks nice and feels form fitting in hand.

That Ganzo 733 is a good utility knife.
but needs a strongback down body of knife
to stiffen it up a bit. The body flexes.
A next size down Blade (With that Spyder hole),
and handle a little stiffer.
would be a perfect pocket/working knife.
My 753M comes to mind.
with that round hole for flicking in back of blade
Would be it.

Hmmm. Same as torches. We ALL different hey.

This knife is shockingly good, the blade steel has also been tested and confirmed to be D2.

I ordered a Ganzo FH11, with a carbon fiber handle.

So now I have three knives in the mail, coming from China.

(Two Gocomma knives and this Ganzo.)

You can grind down the flipper with a dremel to create a “hook” so as your pulling out the knife from your pocket, the hook latches onto your pocket and blade opens fully once the knife is pulled out.

The Quickest no effort flipper I have is a ~20$ Shir0g0r0v mini F3 clone which looks like this (except mine has different, Khaki G10 handle slabs) :

Ball-bearing. Not super lightweight though. YMMV.

Is this the link for that knife?


Yes. As I said, the one I have is not the exact same. You know how it works with budget chinese knives, for one knife pattern you have dozens of brands. Also don’t trust the advertised blade steel.

Any decent knife with flipper and ball-bearings will be super smooth. Only with really bad knifes you need a wrist movement to open them. The latest Ganzos are great quality and with real D2.

Which one are you referring to? The FH21?

I just got a Cold Steel Large Luzon for 37 bucks.
It is a beastly blade but it is so very smooth opening.

The medium is almost as smooth and I got that for 30 and the medium is a bit more pocket friendly.

Those Cold Steel Luzon knives are huge!

I would probably go with the Medium, with the four inch blade.

Just ordered the FH21. Damn you BLF!!!

The FH21 arrived. Seems pretty nice, alas, this is my first flipper, so I don’t have any point of reference.

That’s a good looking knife, where did you get it??


Hey, how y’all test whether/not a blade’s metal is as claimed?


From here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LB1PJS9


Oh. So someone sends the knife out to a lab to get tested. That’s no fun.

Thought there’d be some “quick” way to test hardness, composition, etc., like assaying jewelry or something.