Budget manual flipper knives that "quick open"

I'm looking for budget knife suggestions.

I'm interested in manual flippers that "quick open."

In other words, you press on the flipper, and the knife opens completely without flicking your wrist.

(There are a few Gocomma knives that fit this category.)

I don't think there's a name for this, hence the wordy description.

If you know of any other knives that are like this that cost less than $40, post away.


I'm looking for knives with blades that are at least 2.9" long.

I have quite a few M-Tech USA knives that do that. Their models and types change with each season, so no point in showing you really old ones.
But be aware: the quality is OK, but these are below 10 $US knives. Don’t expect the quality of a zero tolerance.

This is BLF after all :smiley:

Yeah, M-Tech USA knives aren't all that great...

I guess I'm looking for high quality knives only.


I have a few pretty good manual flippers, but they don't open all the way when you press on the flipper.

I have several knives that with a bit of practice i can open without a flick of the wrist. But… not everybody i hand the knife to can do this. The best flippers in my experience are liner locks with small around 3 inch blades. Any bigger heavier blade will need a little flick most of the time.
The Tangram amarillo and sanrenmu 1161 both flip out nice without being to expensive.

Kershaw speed assist are the best I’ve found. $14 https://www.amazon.com/Kershaw-1301BW-Black-Oxide-BlackWash-Single-Position/dp/B00ILFLD52/ref=pd_aw_fbt_200_img_3/133-7426394-0146155?\_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00ILFLD52&pd_rd_r=96f2bfef-7bbc-11e9-bee9-f381f43bc426&pd_rd_w=hzufT&pd_rd_wg=QBZii&pf_rd_p=3ecc74bd-d08f-44bd-96f3-d0c2b89f563a&pf_rd_r=NKNSA1HZEF729TAVKAEW&psc=1&refRID=NKNSA1HZEF729TAVKAEW

Oh, I have tons of Kershaw assisted-openers.

I'm looking for manual flippers right now.

Ah. Ganzo’s are pretty smooth and cheap.

Harnds Talisman. I got mine for under $20 but I think now they are about $30 everywhere. Deploys very powerfully due to strong (but perfect) detent.

My favorite knife is the Kershaw Skyline. Manual flipper, lightweight, and opens just as fast as assisted knives.

if Nick Shabazz is anything to go by Ruike knives are exactly what you’re looking for.

I would suggest one of the new Ganzo D2 knives with ceramic bearings FH11, FH21. FH31. FH41. FH51. (I have the FH21.) Absolutely no flicking required: just press the flipper.

Wow, so many great suggestions so far.

My knife possibilities have really opened up.

Looks like there is a Kershaw Skyline clone made by Land:


Does anyone know if the Land clone quick opens?

That doesn’t look anything like the Skyline. It’s not a clone, just a shitty listing using the Skyline’s name for some reason. Could be a decent knife, but who knows.


You're right!

That 10buk go,comma knife does that, easily.

Just opened a box about an hour ago. Simple press with my index-finger on the nub flipped open the blade like it was on a spring.

Gotta confess, I’m really liking that knife…

Yes, I have the $10 Gocomma.

That's what opened my eyes to manual flippers.

I like it so much, I ordered two other Gocomma knives.

Smoothest knife I have is a Y-Start D2.
3 1\8th blade, Bearings.

Flick with thumb. OR Flick wrist. Blade open.
Pull Back blade lock with knife facing down, Blade falls closed.
I have a Ganzo Firebird F733 does the same. Bushes.
but that Y-Start…….

Is that the Y-Start JIN02?

Ruike P108 is a quick opener for sure. I have one and it’s fast. The Ganzo’s are pretty fast too. Not as quick as the Ruike but, quick none the less and down right super affordable. My quickest manual flipper is the Sanrenmu 1161. It’s hands down the quickest and smoothest. Of course I can only compare them to other knives I’ve had so, I’m sure it has some stiff competition. I’ve just never had the chance to play with one.

It sounds strange but it holds true for both the Ruike and Sanrenmu. The harder you try to flip it open, the more difficult it becomes to succeed. Playing with it for just a few minutes will find it’s sweet spot for you but, I have a neighbor who couldn’t open it to save his life. My 11 year old son looks at it, picks it up and flips it open like he’s had it his whole life.

Amazon has the Sanrenmu for less than $35. Might be able to find it cheaper but you won’t be able to beat the delivery speed.