Budget option for a 2x 18650

My trusty old Dereelight DBS v3 (cree LED with 3 modes) has been acting up lately.
I falsely assumed that the batteries have gotten too old and bought new ones.
The ones I used were Keepower 2600mAh ones, the new ones are unlabeled (I got them from a friend who deals in batteries) 2600mAh ones. I got two of each now.

The light is highly unreliable. Sometimes it works as intended with the mode switching, but not at full strength, sometimes I don’t get mode switching but full strength as the only mode, sometimes I get a flickering madness at AAA light level and sometimes I get nothing.
I’ve cleaned both contacts with contact cleaner which made it a bit better, but still it seems that the driver is acting up.

So that’s my situation. I have 2 sets of working 18650 batteries now, but no light (at least none I enjoy using) to put them in.
My main EDC is an Olight S1R II (1000 lumens). This works fine for day to day use, so I’d like the ‘big’ light to be something that one can show off.
Form factor not too relevant - but it’d be nice if it fitted into a coat pocket.
Thrower? Flooder? Both? I don’t really know. I liked to have a modest reach with the Dereelight. I bought that for walking the dog and checking out the area for deer before letting him off the leash. But the dog is no more.
Ah, and I’m running on a tight budget, having spent a lot on new ‘toys’ lately.
Suggestions, Ideas?

What would you define as a budget option? The Armytek Partner C4 Pro I recently reviewed , and the non-pro version, are both still hugely discounted on Armytek’s site. Fits great in a pocket too, but not tons of throw.

The EC4GT is also down to $35 from Illumn , and I love that form factor.

Both are interesting and valid options, but I forgot to mention that I’m in Europe.

It may not be budget, but I love my Fenix TK35UE 2018. It's the perfect grab & go flashlight. I like it over the Nitecore option because it doesn't have a standby drain.

Browsing BG and GB revealed the Revtronic MT40.
Odd but somehow interesting design with the double head and the 2x18650 length tube.
With a promo code, the price drops to $24 which is very budget friendly. Any thoughts on this one?

Random option….just to add to the mix. What about the Sofirn SP36? It’s a 3 x 18650 light…required button top (not sure if yours are) but also has built in USB charging…for topping off on the fly. Kinda nice combo of flood and throw it seems. NOT a 2 cell light…but may be a form factor that is interesting (I have a BLF Q8 which i really like, but think the slightly slimmer 3 cell version here is intriguing).

Can get a code for it at $43.99 here:

Check out the Wowtac A4. It is a relatively compact “plunger style” light with XHP35HI. It’s a thrower but doesn’t have an overly narrow beam I think. It’s also budget priced.