budget powerflare alternative ? budget survival light ?

Hi every body,

I would like to knowif there is some cheap alternative to those emergency light ?


And same question with this kind of survival light...


I'm also looking for something small with a strobe you can easily clip on you jeans or your jacket when you are walking...

Welcome lab34. I don't really have any good suggestions for you. You could get this torch for @ $14, which has a decent strobe and is quite small. It doesn't come with a clip, but one could be made easily. I'm not overly crazy about any sort of strobes, so I won't be much help.

As far as emergency lights go, The Pak-Lites seem to be pretty popular.

thank you,

I have ordered an XPE F23 in mid-january from dx but I think it's lost.
I have ordered another one yesterday from manafont and I'm trying to have a refund from dx...

I will have a look on those pak lites...

For the flashy clippy stuff:

NITEIZE - 1.3" Silicone 2-Mode Spotlit w/ Stainless Steel Button (2* CR2016) - Red(there are a lot of colors)-

Compact 2-Mode Flexible LED Marker Green (1x2032)

Compact 2-Mode LED Clip-On Marker Red (1x2032

3mode Reflective Safety Arm/Leg Band (Color Assorted) this one is the only that I consider budget.

Just search for Nite-Ize, and you'll find lot's of stuff.

oh yes, the last one is nice... many thanks.

Don't know your exact needs but this might be useful. Dirt cheap.


Aloha and welcome to BLF lab34!

Simple reflective strips accomplishes a lot without having to power anything or be walking down the street like a crazy becon.

Survival is a different story .. for people who want to walk their dogs i think a disco ball is a little much ..i also wonder if cars don't actually hit lighted objects more since they focus on them .

Welcome to BLF if you tell people what you r thinking than these guys are a great source of information .. well some of them anyway .

I heard that from another member just a minute ago that he was past 45 days from dx and worried … i said no need to worry about dx not sending it ot going out of business etc… just worry that you might die first .

thank you for all your welcome message :-)

In fact, I agree with you Boaz. A simple reflective strap will do the job.
I'm in a Gear Acquisition Syndrome period, and I have a few stuff currently shipping from the bay. I will stop here for a few weeks ;-)

I own a solarforce l2r r5, and I'm waiting for the F23 (two F23 with the lost one !), a sipik sk68, a slave flash for my point and shoot camera, a few 3mm leds to try on my minimag... All of that in less than two month... I should have not read this message board !

I have also ordered an Hugsby P32 from KD but after two weeks of back ordered status, I ask and obtain a refund...

"Gear Acquisition Syndrome period" also known as ...G.A.S.P. gasp .Whew ..take a breath ...

I said it earlier .. probably Dx and Kaidomain and a few others ..i wouldn't worry about too much ...I'd just enjoy the stupidity of it all and think , y'all must be mad ..!! having 15 or 20$ floating around with these guys doesn't phase me much .. but ebayers ?? that's a different story ...i figure if ebay and paypal are getting paid every time I turnaround ..I might as well actually use one of their services .. .. I'm pretty done with ebay .. its 95% junk anyway ....RANT RANT RANT .. sorry

I would have waited on the hugsby from kaidomain.. just order from these guys and forget about it ... I ordered a couplr of things locally and bang it was here in 2 days ..crazy fast ..

nice to know if i want a thrunite catapult v.2 for 160$ it will be waiting at the door 3 seconds after my Credit card is Ok'd .