Budget priced single 18650 cell "Zebralight SC62" like light /torch

So I’ve been playing with flashlights for decades like Most “boys”… Lol… Feeling younger than my age… Anyway, I own the Zebralight SC62, an Olight S15R, q Fenix PD35, as well as a host of other lights ranging from trade show 3 AAA cell 9 LED’s to single AA nice single LED’s, to 18 AAA cell “mag-light” like things with a nip umber of zoomies and cheap eBay made in China POS lights thrown in. Probably 25 plus lights around my home…. And I do NOT EVER want another cheap crappy eBay “offshore” POS (Piece of Shit for non native English speakers) lamp……

So, the point is, I’d like to see a true budget light with 5-3 modes, with a memory, with a moonlight, and ideally a UI like the Olight or Zebra…. Both those lights are very pocketable and have a very useful every-day lumen output from “peeking on the baby” in the middle of th night ( or going to the bathroom, kitchen, setting dressed at 4:00 am for a flight with our waking the wife or ruining your night vision) all the way to taking a night walk with the dog at medium output or night or turbo to see 1/2 mile down the road! But the problem is, I want to buy a bunch of these and gift then for Christmas, and the Zebralight is just way out of the budget. Yes the Olight is a good choice, there was and I think there still is a group buy for $25, but I’d love to see the Zebralight for $25 or something like that.

So, how do we get a high quality, very good or great User Interface single 18650 cell light in the $25 range?

Any and all ideas are so very welcome, and thanks in advance for all your replies.

I think for $25, you can’t beat the blf A6. It’s got all the modes you could want in a great single-button UI. Its a hotrod though. I’m not sure it’s a great choice for “normal” folks so you’d have to give that some thought and consider your gift recipients. And that $25 doesnt include an 18650 or charger.

I’ve got 5 zebra’s, by the way. I love Zebralights. The A6 isn’t one, the build quality is nowhere near, but for the money think the A6 is a much better value.

ummm… A6 … lots of “A6” options on BLF … got a link to the one you’re referring to?


Sorry, I’m on mobile and being lazy, I guess. This guy: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/31076

This one? http://www.banggood.com/BLF-A6-CREE-XPL-1600LM-7-4modes-EDC-LED-Flashlight-p-991823.html with group buy code? I actually have one on order, shipped Sep 23, today
’s oct 31, and it still hasn’t arrived ….

yup …. waiting on delivery… still would love to see a killer deal on the zebralight …. anyone game to make a clone?

D.Q.G. Tiny 186500 III
Need to wait for a coupon code or special offer though. Recently they were on sale for $24.

Stick with AA (Lithium Energizer primary cell) lights and they’ll thank you forever.
Stick them with lithium-ion and you’ll have to educate them with great care


My thoughts Exactly.

Gearbest has the non-rechargeable Olight S15 on sale right now for $17.99. - Uses a standard AA, or a 14500 for those that know what that is:


Or if you would like ‘in-light’ recharging (will only charge 14500), then get this one for $22.99:


These are the very best deals that I know of for a quality ‘gifting’ light. - For the general public.

I would go for the $17.99 model myself, because the charging base may or may not work correctly on the $22.99 one (there have been problems). - Most people are just gonna use AA Alkies anyway?

PS - ALWAYS Be sure to pay for the Tracking AND Insurance when ordering anything from Gearbest - They will tell you to do that (for safe delivery), and if you don’t take their advice, you ‘may’ be sorry. - Please don’t ask me how I know;-)

Good point on the LiIo … I’m a radio control Heli flier, so LiIo to my flying buddies would be no big deal as we deal with LiPo’s all day long, but LiIo to non “freaks” may be an issue with them needing to buy a charger… - I’d highly recommend the Nitcore D2 or D4 … but … it’s another expense…

OK, point is well taken and thank you!

Now, someone find me a zebralight SC62 similar (ya know, programmable set points…. :slight_smile: ) for $25-35 (yes I increased the top end…), and I’ll be happier then a pig in a mud bath.

I’m sure that in the future we will see what you are asking for and much more.

In the meantime, ZL has what they have, and ‘Can’ charge you a premium for it - and they do.

Really sorry, but that’s just the way the world works. :open_mouth:

Get the $17.99 S15 - ‘They’ will Love you for it! :slight_smile:

I have one, and have a S30 on order.


Manker is getting real close to a sc62 with this 14500 turbo head light. Looks like they even copied the much loved ui.


Check this thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/31076 Great light but there have been some QC issues. Banggood is being good about the problems but for xmas presents you might run into a time crunch unless you order extra lights. That said this thing will get friggin hot on turbo and may not be the best choice for non-flashaholics. I use mine all the time and it rocks! Note that the discount is now only $10.

Still waiting on mine ordered early September…… Says it shipped a couple days after ordering it, but have not seen it yet… Getting very concerned… Good thing I paid with PayPal, but I’ll wait another couple weeks before hitting then up….

I’ve got 2 and I carry them more than my SC62.

It seems th Olight S15R is perhaps a better light, meaning more lumens? Any comparisons or practical feedback?


S15 and S15R are the same lights, the only difference is that one is rechargeable and comes with charging base and rechargeable 14500 battery and the other is not and comes with no charger and battery.

Right, but I’m asking about the dqg compared to the olight, not the differences between th 2 virtually identical olights.

I see, sorry, didnt notice post title ;)!

Carry on…