Budget thrower - Can I flog my Defiant for $30?

Until recently all my builds have either been small, single cell lights or D cell Mags, and every one has been built for flood. It just seems to be what I gravitate to. The only exception was a 4D Mag with a Rebel reflector and XP-G2.

A few months ago I jumped on the Defiant bandwagon and was impressed right out of the blister pack. Maybe there’s something to this thrower craze!

The Defiant now has the usual resistance mods, 3 mode 4.5a driver, XM-L2 on copper and is running on NiMH cells. I like it!

So my question is as stated in the subject line, can I flog the Defiant with another host for approximately the same price?
I have drivers (up to 4.2V and as many 7135s as I can stack) and all the batteries I need.

I have no idea where a mildly warmed over Defiant falls in the budget thrower line up.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Do you have a lux meter? Or anyone with a compareable set up have one to take a lux reading? I can throw my stock head on the zy-t13 and see what it’s got. With the crelant collimator head, stock driver and an xre r2 ez1000 I’m getting around 155k lux. I’ll check the stock head sometime soon

At sub-$30, I don’t think there is anything that can touch the Defiant with an XM-L2 in it. Seriously, it is a bargain at $22 plus $8 for an emitter and star (resistor is basically free). I cannot think of anything that might reach that far.

Wait, I wonder if a Jacob A60 with XP-G2 on copper at 4-5A would come close. That would be in the $20 to $25 range. Interesting…

Pulsar, no lux meter, I really need to get one though. If nothing else it would be nice to be able to do before/after measurements on mods.

Relic, I actually have a couple of XP-G2s on the way. I wonder if the Jacob would be worth a try.

Are you looking for lux measurement on a stock DST? If so, I did that, among others:


NOTE that those measurements were at ~4.3 meters (per Tom E’s suggestion, I think), so you’ll need to extrapolate to get to a 1 meter lux reading.

I don’t know what the defiant registers on a meter but my A60 with an XP-E2 driven at 2.8A throws 112k. I don’t think many budget throwers can beat it. I am interested in the defiant super thrower but our Home Depots around here don’t have them. I wonder if you can order them on line?

in the zy-t13 the stock reflector leave a huge black hole in the hotspot using an xre. so its useless

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