building solarforce l2i (need help)

building a solarforce l2i. i am just going to use 3 x aaa's until i can afford a good charger and 18650's. i have a p60 drop in assembly and a seoul p4 emitter. will this work in direct drive? i have an ak 47 circuit board on the way from dx. can i use this? what batteries and charger do you recommend? very impressed with the quality of this light. night and day different when compared to my ultrafire c2 knockoff.



Yes it should run on DD but I think it may be over driven at start up as the voltage would be up to 4.5 volts at the LED with alkalines and they usually want about 3.6 or so. The AK 47 board should work fine (rated to 4.5 volts, cut off at 2.6 and a few reviewers say they are running 18650s.) can't help you with the batteries or charger though.