Built my first triple! EE X6 XP-L V6 3D triple 11,3A

Finally every parts arrived. yesterday I built it. It makes 11,3A at tailcap on turbo. A17DD driver, XP-L V6 3D leds, Copper spacer and springs bypassed with wire through board directly to switch in tailcap with BLF PD68 high current switch board. I don’t know how many lumens cause I don’t have a light meter.
I like the very smooth transition from hotspot to spill. Best flooder I have.
The light intensity is comparable with a Convoy L6 in a room with ceiling bounce.
The noctigon is directly soldered on the copper spacer. I have a video of it. I will upload it with the video of the full built when I have time to cut them.

Control shot:

X6 turbo:

Convoy L6 5000k stock max:

More pics and video coming if I have time for it :wink:

Wow nice!
I like this light just with a simple XML2 NW and stock Eagle Eye driver (bought it to swap the goodies from the Kronos X6 with but just liking it how it is lol).
So what you did, making it a floody triple, very cool!

Oh and thanks to DB Custom for the help and answering my questions :+1:


Nice, this is a must-have build in every modder’s collection, I don’t use mine at all because of the weight but it was lots of fun to build. The beam produced by this optic is far superior to any small triple/quad carclo.

I like your idea of upgrading the switch PCB, might start doing so with my future mods! What is the oshpark link for ordering? Thanks

I built one a few days ago with XP-L V6 0Ds…she puts out a lot of light. Since I put a fet in my L6, the L6 is a tad bit brighter.

Switch PCB link

Haha new avatar! Fitting!

Nice to see your successful triple build. Looking good!

My favourite built light :slight_smile: for now…
I want to sell my Palight Boss1 but if I don’t I will build a triple C8 reflector monster of It with three XP-L HI or dedomed XM-L2 and between the three C8 reflector will be an S2+ reflector or a carlco 10507 with triple XP-L for flood. Independent switches for throw and flood. :smiley:

Ha do not sell that boss1…/serious you cannot sell it now :wink:

I seriously need now a lathe :person_facepalming:

Those pre-drilled holes look nice, but then I wouldn’t have much use for my dremel anymore, lol.

Love it!

Will that upgraded switch PCB fit in a S2+ or BLF A6?

The diameter is 17mm. I can measure my S2+ tomorrow but I think it will fit too. The A6 I don’t know cause I don’t have that.

Nice build!

I agree it is a must-have (and although I have the parts ready for many months, I do not have it :person_facepalming: )

Most excellent! Is that the Ledil Cute triple lens? Have you thought of sanding it out flat or are you happy with the pattern/output?

Yes Ledil Cute lens. I thougt about polishing but I try to use it this way and if I like it I will leave it that way. I built it one day ago so not used it much.

My grey S2+ switch PCB is 16.15mm but it has more room so very tight but it will fit.

congrats…perfect work.i dream about my quad xpl…sadly,too much work i guess:))