Bunch of new lights at Manafont.

was making a purchase @ manafont
this morning and noticed a bunch of new lights from budget L2
xml copies to more expensive sunwayman lights.

That would be a fake, I believe. But nevertheless from the reviews here it's not a bad light at all, and this is a smoking deal on an XM-L.

I don't think any of the sunwayman lights are gonna follow me home at those prices. Anybody seen one, are they better/worth more or just priced higher?

That silver L2 looks suspiciously like the silver 504B they sell for $8. Still a nice host though.

The L2 is looks like the one of Kaidomain http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11155 for $23

I was thinking the same thing, which would make the $22.24 light a pretty modest savings over separately buying the 504B + 5 mode XM-L = $8.12 + 16.45 = $24.57.



If you buy separately, you have the option of getting the 3 mode XM-L.

Yeah, its probably fake, but that shinyness is so much better looking than the plain black.

slightly cheaper @ manafont compared to the kd L2 5 mode. faster shipping @ MF.

They have a couple of P7 lights farther down the page as well. I don't know crap about P7, is it worth getting that light? Does it outshine a good Xm-L?

From what I've read here, the XM-L is unmatched for raw lumens. But I don't know anything about the advantages or disadvantages of color and beam profile of a P7.

An XM-L T6 should be a bit brighter than the brightest available SSC P7:


The P7 is a quad-die package that's basically the same as a Cree MC-E. It will give you a floody beam with some artifacts from the gaps between the emitters.

Glad I asked. I am not fond of floody beams.

Maybe I need to join a laser forum....

I just broke down a few days ago and ordered a V10A from Going Gear. The ring and forward clicky will make the perfect interface for me as long as it goes as low as the reviews indicate. According to one review, the ramping is perfect for fine tuning the low level (hard to do with a D10).

It is definitely pricey...way above my usual budget.

OOOO nice find, the Sunwayman V10R Ti is a lot cheaper than in the UK. But is it worth buying from overseas? If I get caught for import tax etc the price won't be that much cheaper.

It sounds like the XM-L is also rather floody compared to an XR-E or XP-E, but it is tremendously brighter.

I have an aurora ak-p7. Awesomely bright, very floody, and a very very good quality light. But I can't learn to love the P7 :( Even something about the emitter itself just is not attractive at all to me. The artifacts in the beam from the quad die is also a turn off. It is sad to see such a nice light sit on my shelf unused.


Whoa what a load of flashlights... If only those Sunwayman's were within budget...

Still waiting for a Tk35 clone... :/

Bought a Sunwayman Titanium offf of Focal last week for cheap...if you think 75$ is cheap ... and it looks like they did a dino direct on me and changed the listing and are going to send me a regular one instead (about 50$ cheaper too)...if Anyone knows a big burly guy who lives in china and likes to break legs for a living .. gimme a call . I'm so disgusted with xhinese dealers ..I know Exactly why CPF Has ostracized these bandits.

They have very good build quality. But they are obviously not budget by most people's definition. Are they worth it? For me, yes. I have a VR10 Ti and I love the low low for night time bathroom trips. The magnetic ring that varys the output is what I like most about this light. It is much easier to use than the electronic button ramping control used on some other lights.

I'm gonna have to break down and try one of these "fake" L2s and do a comparison to see exactly what they got right and what (if anything) they did not. What attracts me to this light is that a 5-mode "Cree" T6 is $16 so, $6 for this host is not bad. If quality approaches Solarforce then it could hardly be compared an Ultra Fire equivalent.