Button batteries - especially 2016, 2025, 2032

I need some 2016/2025/2032 batteries for LED keychain lights.

In eBay I see that the cheapest is either a [far too many to be worth anything at this price] noname open battery packs, or huifeng/tian qiu/liba/heng li/other noname 5 packs.

Do you have any recommendations as to which "brand" works best, or should I just buy whatever is cheapest?

you can get huge packs at deal extreme for 2-3 bucks..it's bound to have a few good cells in the pack..

Yeah, well, I want to get the batteries this year... :)

lol..you could get them locally for 6$ a piece then Money mouth

That's why I asked about eBay batteries. :)

They tend to ship and arrive much faster than DX. Most of the time.

(and these are 3$ a piece here :P )

Another question - will there be any noticeable difference between a known brand batteries and a generic one?

I found 20 Sony batteries for 10$ - will they hold their charge better than the 20 for 3$ generics?

Is there any issue of quality control in which I can find that the cheap ones will all die within a week (those that aren't DOA) and the Sony ones will >95% be ok in a year?

They are not bad actually. Try to get those in blister packs because most of the time packaging kills them by shorting each other.


I got some 2016 (HuiFeng, whatever that is) from an eBay seller, 10 in blister pack for 1.54$.

I hope they're ok.

i get the DX ones, 50 batteries, only found 3 dead so far. and ive used well over 40 lol

I've been buying the DX ones for ages - every time I get a machine in for sorting I always replace the CR2032 immediately. The car remotes for the folks I work with get through a lot of CR2016s - again they get them from DX via me. The branded, blister pack ones cost a whole lot more - though not as bad as getting the Duracell branded ones that are all I can get around here - at £4 each (US$6.40 or thereabouts) - or about what 40 of them cost from DX the last time I got some.

But of course I always check them with a multimeter before using them.

But it depends what it's going in and how much you really care ..

You are really the best judge of those variables ..I doubt they are 100% better or will last twice as long so factor caring vs. cost or difficulty of battery replacement.. is it a watch or a screw in or a slide in plastic door .I hate chinese everything and love Japanese especially their batteries (and women) , but they are what they are ..and for certain things they're alright .