Buying from ebay

When you buy stuff from e-bay and ask the seller to cancel the order for whatever reason, what’s the procedure normally like for you?

I ask because I recently bought an item and later saw that I had a 10% coupon from ebay that I could use, so I asked the seller if I could cancel my order and he told me that he was willing to do it and sent me an ebay notice for a Case type: Cancel transaction which he told me to accept so he would refund my money. I emailed him back that on the case page ebay lists as a warning that I should ” You should only accept the cancellation request if you haven’t paid yet or you’ve already received your refund from the seller. If you haven’t received your refund, contact the seller” and I’m waiting for his reply or for my paypal page to reflect the refund.

I’ve only had one other type of cancellation of this type in ebay which was due to insufficient stock by the seller for which he refunded me the full amount before sending the cancellation request via e-bay with an apology, which I let roll until the case expired without any sort of reply from me.

I assume that even if I did do as he says and take away that protection from ebay, I’d still be able to raise a case against him for a refund via paypal that is more or less similar to the ebay process.