Is there any body having experience with
If experiances are positive, i will buy this headlamp.

Rayfall H1LC

That’s $25.— shipping to Turkey… :frowning:

[edit]Please read my next post on this, it turns out you can choose different shipping methods.[/edit]

Are you talking about another supplier?

The shipping to you isn’t included in the price.

They are even charging for shipping TO them, so they can ship to buyer? Weird.

So, any body tested the site?

Not a chance!

On the bottom of the page you can click Shipping Price
Then you see really high costs…
>> BUT:
I just saw that you can choose shipping methods, like China Post Airmail , which is $2.49 to Turkey for the first 100 grams and $1.99 for each additional 100 grams.

So, no free shipping, but not as expensive as I thought previously.

Hi everyone,
will i registered here to advise to whom interested in BuyToMe,
I’m a VIP 1 customer for more than 8 months, like any one would like to shop online i found this website and i said yes that’s what I’m searching for they will pack my goods in one parcel, then i started seems OK, But
1- You have to charge your account the amount you select ($50 So you have to pay $52.62 - $100-> $104.92(USD) Ex.
2- Shopping any item there is a commision
3- there is no free shipping at all, Each Parcel Cost you (10% Goods Total) Service fee + Shipping Price
Delivery :China Post Air Mail
Weight : 1095g (Estimate weight)
Items cost : $38.085
Service fee : $6.179
Shipping fee : $23.702
Total : $29.881
And Guess what i received it after Three months with lost item, If you don’t believe Track it by your self (RC365393049CN)
Unfortunately I recharge my Account 600$ and there is no way to turn it back so i used it, That why i became a VIP d*
if you use a fast carrier (what they Forcing you to choose) it will cost you double amount of your goods
I bought a sport shoe cost me $33 to shipped it by EMS cost $72 or higher with DHL or FedEx that not Unacceptable and illogical
SO DON’T DO WHAT I DID its trap and undeclared truth will become clear after you start buying

Kind Regards
Bader Al Shehri

Hey, I'm not for sale! Smile

Took me a while to get this one… lol.

Well I look cheap, but once you get to know me, I'm very expensive Smile.

Biggest scam site!!! I ordered 30kg of goods to Australia and at 16.40 for the first 500g and 4.81 for every 500g after the I thought I was looking at just over $300 for postage but then they bump it up PLUS slap you with all other fee’s that they don’t tell you about and of course you can’t get a refund because you’ve already had to buy your items then wait a few days till you can pay for the shipping that they almost double… won’t be making a profit like I thought, nor do I know if I’ll receive my items any day soon…