Anybody tried a C11 yet? Multiple colors and emitters available at different sites, all pretty much the same body. I liked it in black, but am very tempted by this one, despite the fact that it is gaudy lol.

knurling looks weak, but otherwise, I likey. Might be fun to get a black one too and swap tailcaps/bezel.

Why is red $6 cheaper than black or silver? I like that it's XP-G. According to specs the red one is driven harder! I like it for $14, not for $20 though. Wait, the red is only a Q5? XP-G Q5? or XR-E Q5? Maybe that explains the $6 difference.


right, q5 - but since I'd buy it w/ the intention of swapping in an xml, the cheapest is most attractive.

machining looks a little better on the black one though

Thanks for posting this, I just ordered one in red...love the color. About a year ago I ordered this from CNQ http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1055 - looks to be identical. I've been looking for a replacement host, as I damaged the head beyond usability. I paid $40 for it at that time btw. It's a heavy light and with XML, has a nice tight hotspot and a lot of spill.

That is a sweet looking light in red.

the yezl has nice knurling, but you never know from DX, might get one better than the picture

w/ xml and driver you'll end up near the yezl price, but if I do it, I'll go for red, too.

let us know when you get it (sometime this summer )

That does look nice! I cant find it in other colors on google. Any green ones out there or ones with possibly XML "C8 type" drivers?

If only they sold the host by itself in red for $10. They’d sell a ton!

I just submitted a product request for that - and mentioned they should do that with ALL their lights that aren't XM-L, XR-E R2 or XP-G R5 lol

I'll definitely post when I get this...might be awhile though Cry I wish they had the host only available, but at $14 in a cool color, I'm ok with that. The Yezl is a C8 size light more or less, and has the same type of threaded pill - the threads don't match up to the two other C8's I have though. It's a nice, solid host - it just feels like you could run it all day w/o heat issues.

Looking forward to your opinion of its quality when you get it. :slight_smile:

And it looks like it is perfect for a QTC treatment since there is no anodizing on the threads.

Must resist- use too much money already I have - and Starwars I have seen. As Master Yoda speaks I write....

I think I will order this light because of the color and it looks very cool.

So what drop in do I need to make it a 3 mode high, medium and low or 2 mode???????????

After the adjustable right angle from DX for $7.49 I think they are my new supplier :-)

The C8 style lights (and this C11, based on my Yezl, is the same size) don't have a standardized drop-in like a P60. Most likely you'd need to buy a 17mm driver and a 20mm XM-L star and solder them together. I could be wrong about the sizes, I'm assssssuming that this light is the same as my Yezl, more or less. If it isn't, I'll just swap parts onto the new pill.

well, if it is C8 size pill in this C11 then this would be an option


and a very good one, imho

although it is then $2 shy of the m6x - I'd still go for the red one, but I"m glad you guys are finding out for me first.

disclaimer: c11 could be different than m6x...heck, you could both get different components in the red C11s ordered on the same day and I wouldn't be too surprised

fyi, the m6x weight spec on cnqualitygoods is considerably higher than DX C11

edit: it would be really cool if it came unbranded - I'd take it over to the mall and get something engraved...probably only costs a few bucks

I agree with everything you say, and realize that there's a solid chance this won't be a direct replacement. My M6X is trashed, and I'm not paying $32 + shipping...this is worth the risk. I'll convert it to XM-L one way or the other. The brass pill you linked looks like a good deal...I have the same driver on mine, purchased from Shiningbeam.

ahhh, forgot he charges shipping. and it is hard not to go with registered when it is recommended, so it is probably +~6

highly likely you can swap emitter and circuit w/o much trouble - and you'll get a q5 and circuit to mod some other light...

if you have a c8 I guess we'll find out if the brass pill will fit the red c11 :)

that would close the deal for me - i'll take 3 mode!

I have UniqueFire M11 SSC P7 LED 900-Lumen 5-mode Flashlight(1X18650) bought from price angels.

The pill on this is bigger than any of my c8 lights.

Well I just ordered the red :-)

With the New Year underway I might not see it until March but I think it will be worth it.

P7 is 4-die emitter & it will get hot in high mode. I mean very hot!