C8 build (first build)

I want to build a c8 for distance. Here is what I am considering

Cree XP-G3 S5 3A LED

17mm DrJones H17Fx Driver w/ lucidrv2 - 7135 + FET

42mm AR Coated Glass Lens

Let me know if there are better choices

CREE XP-G3 has been found to not actually be all that great for throw. I can’t remember who tested it, but it was a few different people. Something weird about the phosphor layer I think is what at least one of them said.

DrJones makes good drivers. That should be a great choice, although lots of people might try to convince you there’s a better one out there. We’re quite spoiled for choice of drivers right now, and everyone has their favorite.

AR coated glass will net you a little better output. Some AR coatings will mess with your tint, making it look a little green ( alot green, if the LED was already leaning that way :confounded: ) If you trust your source and/or you don’t mind a bit of tint shift, then don’t worry about it.

Asking for better choices? Well, the C8 has a long history around here for building throwers. Some of the members here are hunters and/or build C8’s for hunters a lot. Others just really like throw, and use the C8 because it can get good throw in a pocketable size (jacket pocket). So there will probably be plenty of opinions on what the perfect combo of LED/driver/reflector/lens is.

Have fun!

Here’s some reading material for you on the subject of LEDs:

And, here’s a nifty thread from member Enderman, where he shares some Advanced Calculators of his own.

Oh, and by the way, welcome to BLF!

I’m going to use it for hunting.

Is there a better choice for a led for throwing?

What about using Luminus SST-40 N4 6500K LED ?

Possibly dedomed,

Would XP-L HI be a better choice, since it does not have a dome from the factory, and would be less troublesome than dedoming a LED?

MTN FET+1, and XPL-HI for about 120Kcd and 1400+ lumens or MTN FET+1 and dedomed XP-G2 for 160-180Kcd and 800+ lumens. Either one is awesome for the size.

I second the XPL-HI. The newer V3 bins are very good with a FET driver. You will need a good battery like Samsung 30Q and spring bypass to pull the most amps. Mountain Electronics has everything you need to make this work.

I will be adding spring bypasses! That is not even a second thought, cost nothing.

I will only be investing in good batteries. Have LG MJ1. Will order Samsung or Sony’s

Luminus Devices SST-20 for the LED. It’s already pretty intense and has a low Vf, but if you want to have a go at shaving the dome, you can get 10, unmounted for ~$10, which gives you plenty to practice on.