C8+ reflector anywhere?

I see c8 reflectors on bangood, will they work for c8+ as well?

Mtelectronics.com has both smooth and orange peel for under $4 and are a USA based store

Yes it fits both c8 and c8+


This will fit to convoy m21a as well.

I just checked I took a c8 reflector and put it in a C8+ and m21a and they are indeed the same or at least fit like they are just remember when you order one check the emitter hole diameter they come in 7mm and 9mm 9 is stock

Thx for verifying! The reason I was concerned is because I’ve read somewhere that c8 is a better thrower than c8+ as it’s a deeper reflector, bot sure how much of that is true.

I just measured the c8,c8+,m21a and Astrolux c8 reflectors and they are all 41mm wide 32mm deep and they all look the same including finish

What are you trying to do did you just mess up the reflector?