C8 replacement in 2017?

I keep telling myself that I am recovering from my flashlight addiction :wink: I still however want what I want;-)

I recently lost my main c8 and now only have one — a kegos with an XM-L T6. I want one good c8 for my main EDC in a jacket pocket.

Have been mostly gone from the forum for some time now and many things have changed. I would have needed to build a driver to get something like the guppydrv FW. I want something like that!

It looks like my choices are Mountain Electronics if they get that option back in stock or Simon at the Conway store with something similar.

What do you think is the best budget C8 available today that has moonlight and a good custom mode selection? Where to get?


Simple. Get a Convoy C8 Clear version from Convoy’s AliExpress store. Review is in my signature.

Edit: stephenk beat me to it :slight_smile:

I would recommend the “clear” version of the Convoy C8 with the new firmware, not the cheapest C8 out there but probably the best stock C8 at the moment.


If you dont like the clear ask simon on Aliexpress to put a DTP star AR glas and flash new UI on a black one, price will be similar as the clear
And ask for 15% blf discount

Personally I don’t ask for the discount if I’m asking for a custom build/special request, but feel free to if you want to.

How do you ask for the 15%?
I see a area where it ask message to seller , but it still requires you to pay now at full price.

I would go for a Convoy C8 too, but i prefer the simple 4 group Nanjg 105 driver with 8x 7135 (2.8 Amperes) and group 3 ‘low - mid - high’

I would get a matte black one with XP-L HI 3A tint.

Look here for a coupon code:
GearBEST's Sale . Rovyvon A5 $15.99 . Convoy S21 $15.99 which will get it down to $16.19 :+1:

Cheaper still:
with XM-L2 for 13½ bucks with coupon code.

Unbeatable prices me thinks. :slight_smile:

The XM-L2 one would be nice with an OP reflector though, and the 1A tint is too cold for me.
Both of those lights come with the 3/5 mode driver though, which blinks once in low mode to switch between the 2 groups.

my 2 cents…

The black C8 with XP-L Hi i bought from Gearbest has a DTP star in it.

My first thought was the gearbest one as, of course, cheap is good;-) However, I don’t have the ability to flash my own driver and I think I really want something lower than 5%.

Perhaps this is a odd requirement for me as I always have a Ti3 in my pocket. I may not use the moonlight as much with the C8 and that certainly is not the primary purpose of it. However, when I do want it, 5% is just way too much light.

When I first got on this forum I didn’t even get what the point of moonlight was. I wanted bright!!! I finally get it now that I replaced my trusty Tank E09 with the Ti3. The Tank was in many ways a better light but again the low was just too much. I am putting up with the much more finicky mode selection of the Ti3 because the moonlight is so great for moving around in the dark without waking my wife or wrecking my night vision.

The gearbest one would probably suit me just fine in the way I use a C8 — primarily walking my dog. It would likely stay at 5% for most of its use and that would be fantastic for the task. However, now that I am trying to keep my lights down to as few as possible I think I would really like the extra capability even if I may not use it that often.

Thanks again for this discussion!

You send a message (including order code) instead of going through with payment, and Simon will adjust the price. You also need to send a message if you want a custom order or pay with PayPal.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I’ve been recently singing the praises of the UF DV-S9 diving light.

Magnetic slider, just a nudge gives moonlight, half-inch travel gives full “turbo” (800lm+ or so), and it’s linearly adjustable with said slider.

Maybe not quite as throwy as a C8, but not nearly floody, either. Nice hotspot, similar to a P90-based light.

I always considered the C8 to be a thrower, not a general-purpose light, so don’t know if the above is something you’d want/need. But man, I love the ’S9.

Oh yeah, ~15bux from FT with the BLF discount. Great light for the bux…

That diving light (is it this one: http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_350319.html ?) is on my list for a while now.
But i’m worried about the PWM. Is it visible?
I’ve seen no reviews on it, but i hate visible PWM (let’s not mention audible PWM for now…).
Other than that, i really like the idea of stepless dimming.

Gnope. Someone else mentioned the differences (ratings, emitter, whatever). The one I’m referring to specifically is blue (indigo) with red trim. At first I thought they were the same thing, just blue vs black, but apparently not.

It’s this one: https://www.fasttech.com/p/6550300 . ~15bux with BLF discount. :smiley:

Not to me. I get bugged by 120Hz fluorescent-light flicker, but have no problem with this or any other PWMed light. (Okay, okay, most of my DIY lights are 1-mode only, but still…) I can’t see any PWM from a stock Convoy S2+, Convoy C8, XTAR WK50, this UF DV-S9, Quark 2AA-X, or the Jetbeam I or II. If any of them are noticeable to you, then I’m the wrong person to say “no visible PWM”, as I hadn’t noticed any.

That’s why I initially suspected this be a linearly-regulated light, not PWMed. Only after doing a rather extreme jiggle test did I see that it’s PWMed at all.

Teevee off, quiet room, nighttime (ie, no outside activity), not much ambient noise at all, and with this right up to my ear, slowly sliding from off through 50% up to 100% and back down again, several times, I hear absolutely nothing coming from this. (And I’ve got hearing like a bat.)

Yeh, someone (Suefire?) had one with a twisty magnetic ring to set the brightness, which I really wanted, so once I saw this one with a slider, I had to have it. :smiley:

Hmm, looked more closely, and that one comes in red/blue/black, and the blue indeed looks like the ’S9 I got.

Different tailcap, though. Mine doesn’t have that “knob” sticking out with the single big slot, but has what looks like could fit a huge recessed switch, and 3 smaller slots equidistant around the rim. Mine can tailstand, but the GB one, I don’t think so, unless that “knob” unscrews somehow.

So, maybe they are the same… :smiley:

(Ouch, though. 19.10 from GB, 16.whatever from FT. Don’t know if (ie, never had opportunity to use any) GB has a BLF code, but 5% off at FT brings the price down to 15bux and change. No buk or two for shipping, either, as with GB, so it’s a flat 15.whatever from FT.)

So many people choose convoy c8 clear
what about astrolux s2/blf x6
More compact than c8, has a nice tint, less throw, but direct driver

I can attest to that. My C8 has that exact setup and I cannot say enough good things about it.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. My Clear Convoy C8 arrived yesterday from Simon! Very nice upgrade from my other C8s. Also want to thank the BLF members who worked with Simon and wrote the firmware! It really does everything I was hoping for although I still wish the moonlight were a bit dimmer.

I know everyone says it in their reviews but I just have to say that I can see why. The machining really is top notch. It looks good, feels good in the hand, and all the threads and knurling are excellent.

Not too long after I ordered Mountain Electronics said that their special firmware was back in stock. So far I am holding back my addiction but the light is so spectacular and the firmware similar and perhaps would have that elusive low moonlight? Maybe after taxes I may have to buy it just to see.

Perhaps my addiction is somewhat held in check as I used to live in a rural area and now live in an urban one. Too top that off my great new light arrived on a night with a clear sky, full moon, and fresh snow cover;-)

Can’t wait till I have the chance to use it in the country where I can really see what it will do! Of course that will have to wait for my new battery to arrive. Couldn’t help myself as my best battery could only manage about 2.65A. Even with my somewhat marginal batteries and the rather bright night I could clearly see that this thing is really bright and will throw a long way! Kind of fun to get back into it a bit.

is the clear c8 from aliexpress superior to the one from gearbest?
also as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/F50lLkF.png
the new edition has an xm l2 led and is more expensive and cheaper than the XPL H1 from GB, while the new edition of aliexpress has an XPL H1 but is darker than the new edition from GB?
Im confused because im also planning on a 18650 lamp stronger than my s2+

The “new edition” C8 is the previous generation grey C8. The Clear C8 is the only one with biscotti, DTP star, and AR glass, and only has XP-L HI emitters. The Clear C8 is the same, whether you buy from GearBest or Simon’s AliExpress store, though GearBest advertise it as silver.

thank you for your response. but can i expect more lumen or lumen/W with the new version (since it is stated the opposite)