Call me cheap

My favorite music combo is using MOG and Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

I've used many of the online music streaming services since their inception and I've found MOG to be the best in terms of price and quality. For $5/mo you get unlimited music on demand and at the highest bitrate (up to 320kbs) of all the major streaming services. The UI is evolving (pretty sleek now) and they're designing new desktop applications. I was initially a fan of the Slacker music on demand service but it's $10 and still doesn't have as big of a selection as MOG.

Then I use Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder to capture the music I'm streaming from MOG. It's easy to just hit the record button and you can have either an entire album or playlist recorded with all the song info (title, artist, album, etc) by Gracenote. And I'm quite pleased that Wondershare updated the software and it's a vast improvement over the previous version. It's really sleek and affective now. It still costs $29.

So am I cheap because I do this instead of buying the MP3's? I just believe music on demand is an evolution of the music industry. I'm still paying for the service and the recording software and it's entirely legal. I don't, however, support free downloading. I do believe in supporting the music monetarily somehow.

Call me cheapest, I just download it J) 0:) But I buy occasionally (directly in mp3, I don't use CDs anymore)

BTW, what is MOG? Is it like Spotify?

I haven't purchased a CD in well over 10 years! In fact, I'm trying to eliminate disc media from my life all together. My Asus laptop (primary computer) doesn't have an optical disc rom and that was partly intentional so I can wean myself off of disc media :D

I'm not familiar with Spotify since that was always a UK thing until recent, as far as I know. I'm used to Pandora, Slacker, Rhapsody, and from the much distant days (late 90's!) MusicMatch. It's very similar to those but offers higher bitrate streaming. I think what keeps the price lower is that they're a subscription only service. You can start out with a 2-week trial but to continue using the service after that you gotta pay (but just $5/mo). They don't do a basic free service like the others do with advertising. They still boast over 11 million songs and I've yet to find something from one of the big boys that MOG doesn't have. I prefer the higher bitrate since I'm recording them. I probably can't notice but oh well :P