Callies Kustoms New Panasonic 18650 HI-Discharge batteries

Hello Everyone,

We just got in our new shipment of Panasonic 18650 Batteries. Like the 3100 batteries we are the first company to bring these to the general public. This is a fairly unique 18650 battery as you will see from the specs. Panasonic uses "PSS Technology" in this battery. A solid solution technology that allows the high capacity of a standard Lithium-Ion battery and the safety of an IMR battery.

Nickel Manganese-based
Nominal Voltage 3.6-3.7v
Max Draw continous-10A
Max charge/discharge voltage-4.2v/3.0v
Max charge current-2250mah
Dimensions 18.6mm X 65.2mm
Small button top
Made in Japan
These batteries where developed for power tools and medical equipment. Like IMR batteries they barley heat up when being discharged at high rates and feature low internal resistance of around 78mOhms vs 120-160mOhns (measured from my charger) for a typical high quality Lithium-Ion. These batteries also feature a longer than average lifespan. Even longer than the typical Panasonic battery.
I think these batteries will work very well for a lot of people I understand they are expensive but with the cost you get a very unique battery, safety, capacity and a much longer cell life.
On sale now for $12.95ea Click Here to Visit Callies Kustoms

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

So, these are actually first non-China made IMR┬┤s or did I get something wrong?

Sounds great!

Cheapthrills, I'm glad you said that! As far as I know yes. All the other IMR batteries I have come across are made in China.

sounds like the perfect cell for utterly roasting a UL980. Now I know why you were asking the other day.

I'm not a fan of the 1C max charge rate, but it should be interesting to see what they'll do.

I've tested one of these (thanks to xxllmm4) and my findings are here.

I still think there's no reason not to charge it at 2C or discharge it down to 2.5v

Some more reading for those interested and a free bump for xxllmm4

$13 when ordered to the USA, but $22 for Canada? Is there a need for a such a high markup to Canada? That's $36-extra for 4 cells.

I have been over this several times. We only ship international batteries priority mail, our cost is $13. So there is not much mark up. BTW we have been doing online sales now for about 12 years. Canada is consistently one of the worst countries to ship to due to lost, stolen and delayed customs. We get to eat this cost on every order that does not arrive.

I'm not sure how you are doing your math but on 4 batteries there is a $8.95 difference between shipping to the USA and Internationally.


Maybe its an issue with the site, or my math. I'm not throwing stones - and sorry - I haven't read all your posts - just this thread.

Maybe the problem with Canada is all the beavers

From the International site ( ) the battery shows as $21.90 - I round to $22 'cause I'm Canadian & lazy).

From the USA site ( )its $13. ($22 - $13 = $9 / cell. For 4 cells $9 * $4 = $36 - ignoring shipping - and if you look at the international site there is a +$6-shipping which confuses me, too)

If its $21.90/each for 4-cells (and shipping is included in that price) that's fair. Thanks.

Ah, I see my error. There's quantity pricing for international orders, so 4 batteries is $60.75 (shipping is included in price); whereas USA would be 4 *$12.95 = $51.80. That's fair & attractive - thanks.

My apologies. You seem to be the only one selling the CGR18650CH's (with IMR-like safeness).

Good seller and GREAT cells. You can't go wrong. :)

I'm very happy with my Callies! They work great in the KD C8 and my Shiningbeam S-Mini.