Calling all Russians

I see pretty much a wide variety of folks from around the world on this multicultural forum but it dawned on me there are no Russian”s (or are there?). If not, anyone know why? Language barrier? although I see more then a few that English is not their primary lingo. Anyone care to shed some light? Ideas? Just curious.


It is really odd now that you mention it especially since the Russian flashaholics are pretty hard core. Perhaps they stick to their own sites due to the language barrier.

Pretty much nationalities here even with the barrier IMO.

Good OP, I think there might be a bit less-than-usual amount of active russian users, than in general at forums.

I think the Russian forums are so large and successful in their own right that there is no real need for Russians to come over to foreign language sites.

Might be related to the fact Russians have their own “version” of CPF/BLF:

They also have HUGE flashlight databases: &

They do have some amazing forums and lots of old tunnels over there. Perhaps they are all bunkered down preparing for the end 12/21/12.

Way too many super hot women over there to be bothered with flashlights.

I’m russian, actually :slight_smile: But I live in Spain since 2000. Don’t ask me why I’m here and not in russian forums :bigsmile:

Russians are here and we are watching you :smiley:

Oops, gotta shape up!

Russia also has its own facebook.. they dont need us. :D

But I wonder, do you guys read those russian forums? Is the google translation good enough to understand it?

I just tried to see what it looked like with Google translation, and, being native Russian speaker, I had a very good laugh.
It looks like g.translate still is nowhere near being good enough for such technical-oriented forums, sadly. :frowning:

Thanks. :) What brought you to northern europe (bloody britain, I guess?) then?

Well, I’m in Latvia, which according to Wikipedia is part of Northern Europe . Here 27% of people are Russians, according to very same Wikipedia. Hope that explains it (:

Yeah right, there is something east of GB.. forgot about that. :D

Ya, ya, Google translator isn’t good for technical stuff, but will it help when you are trying to sweet talk Russian hotties?

Fonarevka has an English button that works pretty good. Wonderful site.

OK, BetweenRides, I didn’t see any Russian hotties, but I did find a guy trying to shoot a flashlight out of a shotgun. Eventually, he goes all Macgyver. It wasn’t a total waste of time, I suppose. :glasses:

No hotties? I downgrade my site rating from wonderful to good.

EDIT: Or would you rather I edit my previous post? ;)