Calling on Maxabeam owners for buying advice

Been interested in the MB for more than just a play toy. Just a few questions please.

1- Can the MB withstand heavy rain without damage? By the looks its water resistant not waterproof. Would rain damage insides?
I presume it can’t handle being dropped in the river briefly?

2- Is the rocker switch setup annoying after a while when wanting to simply get straight to the high mode in the quick heat of a conflict?

3- Any idea on longevity of internal electrics? I here some older units have had to need replacements on circuit boards. For this much money I would want the unit to be trouble free for 20years.

4- Any thought on battery replacement security? Will I be able to get a new lifepo4 battery 10years down the line? Normally I would steer clear of canned batteries, but this is more exotic.

5- Any one outside of NA brought one new from BrightGuy? Any issues?