Can anyone help me ID a blown diode?

I connected a high power (16.5A@12V) blade server fan with wrong polarity to a power supply.

The motor driver replied quickly with smoke...

The diode cracked. I searched with the keywords "ON Semi 949GEE" but I could not find any Information.

Size is about: 8 x 6 x 2.4mm.

Maybe someone can tell me a common diode as replacement.

Thank You!

By marking on PCB it is Zener diode.
Only diode with 949 marking I could find from ON Semiconductor was 1SMB5949BT3G

Not sure if this helps…

I can't imagine that is a 100v Zener Diode. I have a second working PCB, is there a (non-destructive) way to measure the working Zener Diode?

This is a 1SMC12AT3 = 12V 1500W unidirectional transient voltage supressor

The 949 code is the date code (YWW) while the GEE is the actual component code.


:+1: Thank you everyone!