Can anyone ID these Lenovo laptop batteries?

I found a Lenovo laptop battery in the trash. I took it apart and found 6 18650 batteries with the following marking: PCAM4J9. They are pink with a green ring around the top. All six measure 4.19v. Any idea what they are?

Joe C

Pictures? Is that the only marking on the cells?

My Lenovo used Sanyo cells, but they were red, not pink. I also had pink salvage, I believe it was LG battery.

Might be sanyo if they look like these: Another 'Help identify these cells' thread

Ok, here are some photos…

Joe C

98% Sanyo

Yep, Sanyos. Decent cells with low resistance, I got a few sets from Dell laptop packs. They push a DD XM-L to ~4.5A...

Sanyo cells. Good stuff.

Thanks everyone. Now if I could just get the 2 new lights I ordered from Manafont and Tmart……

Joe C.

Thats weird, Panasonic cells have been reported to be the best in ThinkPad batteries while Sanyo just your regular or even meh considering their wear/cycle low count.
You could and still can cycle ThinkPads batteries with Panasonic cells without worrying too much about battery maintenance and wear while you have to be really delicate when dealing with Sanyo cells in ThinkPad batteries…

Odd, given that most flashlight users and those who recover Sanyo cells from laptops swear by them!

definitely those are Sanyo.

I’ll (kind of) go against the grain on this one. I have pulled apart 20-30 Lenovo packs over the years and the over whelming majority of harvested Sanyo cells were lacking in capacity, at ~1500-1700mah in my hobby charger/discharger. Either that or they voltage sagged a lot under higher current loads (greater than ~2.5A). Still perfectly good+useable cells, but I reserve them for lower current draw lights. Peak voltage however has been good, and they hold a charge decently at ~4.15V for weeks at a time.