can anyone recommend a good bluetooth speaker?

I have been looking on FastTech and they have one that looks like a hand grrenade that seems to get good reviews:

I cant afford a really expensive one like a Cyrus Soundcan or Bose but am looking for good sound quality.

Have not found a good one for less than $50. If it’s for out and about, headphones are the way to go in terms of audio quality, cost, and portability.

If this is for a stationary location like home or work, consider a bluetooth adapter/receiver for use with a stereo or radio you might already own. Can be had for around $10 plus also works in the car powered by USB.

I’ve had this Anker Bluetooth speaker for about 5 months now, sounds good, gets fairly loud without distortion. Lasts many days on a charge. My brother bought one specifically to use in his older car to listen via bluetooth from his phone. He has been very happy with his.

I’ve been very happy with this and all my other Anker items like their rechargeable USB batteries.

Hope this helps.

I like your idea of the USB powered adapter for the car, can you share a link to a good budget one?


HMDX Jam Plus. Hands down the best. You can buy them at any Best Buy for 40-50 bucks and they come in a ton of colors. You can even pair 2 of them together for even more sound.


Thanks for the advice. I’ve also been recommended the Cyrus Soundcan but it’s £80

And this JBL at £25

Earson er-151. I’ve seen many recommendations about it and I own one myself. I’m no audio junkie but I like it. It’s also nice it is waterproof so you can use it in the shower, at the beach, at the pool, and so on.

I have heard a few options with my own ears, and the jawbone jambox is by far the best IMO (not sure about any other jawbone models, just the original large one). You can get them extremely cheap off ebay.

To me, it sounds the “biggest”, IE it does not have a fake, harsh tinny sound.

I got this coming in next Wednesday.

Key selling points for me. Uses 18650 battery, can take SD card up to 32 GB, FM radio, portable, price, and it got some pretty good reviews. I realize that there are probably a lot of better sounding ones, but that 18650 battery and the SD card features tipped the scales for me.

Review here:


If you are expecting excellent fidelity, better read this.

To me, Bluetooth sounds more like FM radio in sound quality.

This one sounds very good and price is good at $36 shipped
Have one, love it.
Thousands of positive reviews as well.

As far as Hi Fi sound from Bluetooth?
No, it will never be Audiophile quality. But is does sound a whole lot better than the tinny transistor radios of past.
Remember MP3 isn’t exactly Hi-Fi either and that is usually the source on the transmitting device. No compress that signal some more and there you have it, compressed processed digital sound.

Fine for some, grating to others.


Boy, old thread resurrected. There’s so many choices out there now, it’s mind boggling.

I was also on a search for my first Bluetooth speaker for my iPad Mini. I didn’t want to spend more than $25.00-$30.00 and I wanted it as small as possible.

I bought one from Monoprice that had good reviews but sent it back as the range was so lousy I couldn’t get more than 10 feet away from it without it cutting out.

I finally saw an ad for the Logitech X100 mini BT speaker. It was $50.00 but I checked on Ebay and found refurbished ones for $23.00 with free shipping. I took a chance and ordered one.

All I can say is this thing is great! So small, people refer to it as the “hockey puck” which describes it’s size pretty well. Even though advertised as “refurbished” it arrived looking brand new with not a mark on it.

To me it has great sound and I can get almost 40 feet away and it still operates fine. Good battery life, (about 10 hours), and I couldn’t be happier. For $23.00, I recommend it highly.

When one person jumps on a 7 month old thread and then the world follows…………just enjoy thr rode smh

However if I had to throw my 2 cents in for anyone currently looking for one, id go with the Moto Deck. Love mine, perfect size, excellent battery and amazing sound for its size. It doesnt have killer bass but honestly you wont get super bass out of a small speaker, just wont happen. Also love heist mode for parties because then 5 people can control the music from their own phones at once, makes it interesting for sure……Amity Affliction to Drake to Luke Bryan then N’Sync lol you get the point

Here are my experiences so far with super cheap ($10 - $20) bluetooth speakers straights from China:

I would love to own a pair of Q Acoustics BT3’s but being cheap I bought a pair of Pioneer XW-BTS5’s heavily reduced at the moment probably because they lack apt-X (both need socket so portability is limited)

I bought the first one you mentioned and it is indeed a great value . Good sound at a great price . Thanks sb .

Ah, cool. I like the weight of that speaker, it feels nice and heavy, which gives a feel of quality that belies its price.

I also have this Xiaomi speaker and for the price it’s very good.