Can anyone recommend me a cheap desktop computer? Or help me fix my error?

While trying to transfer some video files from my desktop hard drive to an external hard drive I am getting error code 0x70070052. Sure it’s some type of virus as I have done this dozens of times in the past with no problems. Does anyone know how to fix this? Not up on taking it to a shop to have fixed, friend just payed $100 and his still isn’t fixed and my father just payed $170 but his is fixed. If there is no easy fix I had rather just buy a new desktop. I always get one of the cheapest computers and they usually average about 4 years before something goes bad. Any recommendations on a desktop for $300 to $400 or maybe a little more, CPU only, monitor, etc. are good. US based companies such as newegg, tigerdirect, amazon, rakuten. thanks

Not sure what error that is but I could help you pick out parts to make your own computer from, some parts you can recycle so it would be even cheaper.

But more than likely if you reformatted the computer any errors from a virus would be gone unless its hardware issues.

If your looking for really cheap desktops, sometimes has some really good deals on them if you catch them before they sell out

I haven’t encountered that error before. Have you tried rebooted your computer and reformat it again?

Drew blanks when Google searched for ‘error code 0x70070052’.

Try to transfer to another external hard drive (or usb flash drive) to determine if it’s indeed the hard drive — if you get the same error code. Can you play the video? What was your father’s problem, was it the same transfer error with the same error code?

Check both hard drives for errors (in explorer, right click the drive -> properties -> tools -> error checking) and see if you get any results.

That error refers to a bad area in the memory. You need to replace your RAM sticks. Be sure to buy the same type/speed. You will generally get it when you’re doing something intensive. The problem will be unexpected and can happen anytime.

Nice one agent80!

To test out your ram, use software like Memtest86+ and see if it’s defective.

For a built system try Computer Geeks:

Newegg is the best for parts if you decide to replace something.

If you are close to Atlanta:


Or Micro Center:

You can get Memtest86 here it is a good utility and it’s Free:

If you are comfortable with bios settings you can try lowering the memory speed to limp by and get you data backed up, but it isn’t a permanent solution.

Clean the RAM Contacts with an “Eraser”, then reinstall them. See if that fixes your issue. Good Luck.



I work in IT and have done so for years. I have never seen a failed RAM module. (maybe just lucky). Sometimes pulling/reseating the RAM will help resolve issues, but while you have them out, clean the contacts with a normal pink pencil eraser.

My first though would be a hard drive issue though: Run chkdsk from a command prompt to test your primary and external drives

Running from the command prompt gives you a bit of extra information on what is found. If your drive reports ANY bad sectors, my rule of thumb is "Replace immediately".

Thanks men, checked both hard drives for errors, none were found. Went to get memtest86 and it was $16 bucks so I will clean the ram contacts next. If I reformat my hard disk won’t that erase everything on the hard disk? Fathers problem was different from mine, not sure what his problem was, think it just came on with a blank black screen, he was told it had a virus.

Edit: Can I remove the ram with my bare hands or should I wear gloves or use something else for static electricity?

memtest86 is free, just download the iso, burn it, and boot from it.

You can remove the ram with your hands, but you should at least touch a blank metal part of a radiator before or something else that is grounded. Hold the ram by the edges of the board and not the chips.

OK, I see, should I get version 4.2.0 or 4.3.0 beta?

Not familiar with the versions... Try to find the latest stable release, not the beta.

OP, please give the brand and model of the computer. Somebody may have some experience with it and where you can get some help. Do not format the hard disk — it will wipe out everything, including the OS. That should be the absolute last step and only do so if you have the OS install disc (or factory install image is on the hard disk). (What’s the OS?)

Hi, when you remove the Ram, leave one hand Touching the Power Supply which is one of the Best places to Earth Yourself. This way Static Electricity should not be a Problem. If you can, Clean the Ram with it laying on an Anti-Static Bag.

If it was the Ram that Corrupted the Video Files you speak of, then you may not be able to save them. Though you could try installing an earlier Back-Up of Windows on your Machine, which may be able to access the files that way. I would suggest that if Cleaning the Ram stops your File Corruption Issue on Future Files I would suggest you do a Windows and Hard Drive Back-Up as a matter of Urgency, to try and ensure Future File Integrity. Or at least ensure all your important files are backed- up on an exterior Back-Up Drive. Cheers

Well, I bought a new computer and tried to download a few videos from the new computer onto the external hard drive. Same problem as with the old computer, I guess the hard drive must be bad. I can still watch the videos on the external HD, just not letting me download new ones. The external HD is a Western Digital My Book 1TB. Guess I’ll buy a new external and be stuck with a computer I don’t need. By the way, Windows 8 sucks in my opinion.

1. Maybe the external is set to read-only? From the Windows Explorer, right-click the drive and check the Properties.

2. There supposed to be free win8 update.

Try Classic Shell or similar desktop interface program. Metro without touch does suck it big.

You also may want to look at tweaking programs/icons to ensure you have the desktop version installed and linked from the desktop or other handy location. It sucks if you’re working with desktop and you pull up a touch version program when you don’t need it.

Touch is not bad if you have touch and have it set up for it. If you have a fairly large pad with touchscreen, then splashtop works as a touchscreen interface, but it’s more of a novelty for me unless I want to control it from across the room.

I’m holding off on the 8.1 update to give others time with it.